South Carolina, USA: Woman with Multiple Personalties Gets Life for Murders

The Inquisitor reports: By Megan Charles

Liberty, South Carolina, USA – A …woman has pled guilty to the murders of her two sons, stepmother, and ex-husband. The shootings occurred in two separate mobile homes located at 236 and 304 Pinedale Drive in Liberty on October 14, 2011.

In what authorities call a calculated attempt to conceal the murders, 49-year-old Susan Hendricks was accused of trying to make the deaths appear as though they’d been part of a murder-suicide at the hands of one of her dead sons.

In addition, the woman, who claims to suffer from a split personality disorder, tried to reap the financial rewards of their life insurance totaling nearly $700,000. Investigators believe the money was only one of several other unknown motives behind the massacre.

…Hendricks was found to be mentally ill. A psychiatrist testified that Hendricks was likely taken over by a personality incapable of discerning right from wrong, the same personality that shot her own son in the head and tried to make him appear to responsible for the homicides. …she accepted a plea deal from prosecutors which will impose a life sentence for the four counts of murder.

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