The High-Price of Treatment for Dissociative Disorders & Multiple Personalities


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The cost of treating multiple personalities, dissociative identity disorder, & other dissociative disorders is so high that only the wealthy can almost afford to pay 100% of what should be billed. Many, many, many therapists offer free therapy, some free sessions, reduced rates, and waive co-pays so their patients can afford some treatment as opposed to nothing.The cost of doing business for a therapist necessitates creativity with billing and using diagnostic categories more likely to be covered by insurance like borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, anorexia & bulimia to name a few.

The fact that I think multiple personalities do not exist is irrelevant. Treatment for dissociative identity disorder does exist. The cost of receiving mental health care in this instance, is based on luck with insurance companies; the good fortune of using the income from a spouse or significant other; or the ability to obtain & retain public welfare funds or social security disability.

I don’t know if statistics are kept by health insurance companies regarding the cost of MPD/DID treatment, but I doubt it. I also doubt that they are aware that therapists are billing for covered illnesses instead of just dissociative identity disorder that they know is likely to not offer them reimbursement.

Do the math. If a basic session is modestly billed at $100 per hour 4 times a month that is $400. Multiple that by 12 months and the annual amount billed is $4,800. Multiply that by 6 years (or more) of treatment and we are talking about $28,800.

That scenario is not close to reality. Many patients have 2 or more sessions per week. That would jack the annual rate to $9,600. Add to that hospitalizations, medications, adjunctive therapies like art, day care for children whose parents are unable to care for them, crayons& books & dolls & toys for the child personalities and we have hit a home run regarding medial expenses. Granted, insurance co-pays off-set costs, but what is the real cost to patients? What percentage of services billed  would therapists actually receive if they billed for the major diagnosis of multiple personalities AKA dissociative identity disorder?

Another aspect of medical care for this bogus diagnosis is the lack of a second income that patients of MPD/DID would/should/could otherwise add to the family coffers.

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