Robert J. Lifton, M.D. on Destructive Cults (YouTube lecture)

I believe there are psychotherapy cults. Those therapies that qualify have many of the earmarks of cults and mind control, thought reform, & brainwashing organizations.

All that’s needed is a charismatic/all knowing leader (therapist), devotees (patients/clients), a belief system and the vulnerability and openness to change one’s thinking, or old way of being which is then replaced with an abuse narrative.

The link below is a lecture by Robert J. Lifton who studied mind control & brainwashing in the 1950s. For more information on his publications, please refer to the Reading list – books page

Robert J. Lifton, On Destructive Cults Lecture Retrieved from YouTube 4/2/11.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  05/30/2013

    You’re just a fucking idiotic bitch


    • Jeannette Bartha

       /  05/30/2013

      Dear Anonymous from Netherlands

      I’ve decided that your vile comment about me will not be redacted so the manner in which you present yourself to the world will be held forever.

      Since you seem to be new to my blog, you may not know that I’ve been threatened to such a high degree that there is a case file open at the FBI in the United States and my local police department.


      Your message, IP address, Internet provider, and residence of the computer you are using will be forwarded to the FBI and my local police department with the others.


  2. Therapy Abuse Victim

     /  04/04/2011

    THANK YOU FOR GETTING THIS OUT TO THE PUBLIC (at least any who might end up reading this blog)!!! If ONLY we could get this into the MASS MEDIA, perhaps there would be a more apparent FIGHT TO STOP this CULTISH, SELF-PROTECTIVE (at any cost to the victims) sect of “psychotherapy” practitioners!! Any psychotherapists who know about their cultish peers seeking “ALTERS” and “DID” and who have not joined together to EXPOSE and PUT AN END to this CULT must SHARE the GUILT for the heinous practice within the “profession!!” A major truth all consumers must learn is that psychotherapy is a profession in which the training, theoretical/philosophical approach, techniques employed, record-keeping, observance of INFORMED CONSENT, self-policing, and protection of consumers (a.k.a. “clients,” “victims”) vary incredibly.
    It becomes a concern that anyone seeking help from this profession of such disparate characters is literally putting his/her life in jeopardy! It is only the increased and louder public outcry against the DANGERS of “psychotherapy” that MIGHT result in positive changes, including some reliable form of consumer protection!!


    • Well, there are 2 things going on. The multiple personality debacle brought the psychology industry to its collective knees. The more extreme repressed memory treatment became, the more outrageous the memories, the more patients who sued and held their psychiatric health care providers responsible for malpractice, the more that repressed memories were banned from court testimony – all led to a shift in public opinion about the credibility of psychotherapists.

      While I question if people reject psychotherapy more than they did 10 or 20 years ago, I think they are a little more educated, or I hope so. I will keep this blog alive, keep shouting and pointing people here and to other blogs that are offering proof and anecdotes about potentially abuse cult-like therapies.

      I think the public saw the psychology industry collapse & go over the top with their wild theories – that’s why so many people think the multiple personality, repressed memory issues are over and old-hat as someone recently said. What the public is not aware of is that DID dissociate identity disorder is the new packaging on an old idea and is as strong as ever and steadily gaining followers – and doing so quietly and surreptitiously. Rename, relocate, speak low and carry a big stick is what they do.

      Families are still torn apart by this therapy. Former patients like us suffer for the rest of our lives as we continue to find good health after all the psychotropic drugs poured into our bodies for years. Add to that poor nutrition for years, constant stress and chaos, and good health is hard to hold on to.

      Keep talking and writing. Thanks for stopping by!


    • pamela alemaP

       /  04/25/2011

      YOu are ridiculously uninformed and imbecilic in your denial. I don’t have therapists at all, haven’t for years, and I have multiple personality so severe that all I do is scream and relive the torture of my past 80 percent of the time. It has been nearly a decade since I fell ill, and while I have made progress it’s far from over. It’s broken ‘professionals’ like yourselves that make it hard for the rest of the community to heal. This is a widespread problem peculiar to North America because of how repressed we were , a cultural problem resulting in oh, say hiding people under beds in boxes and worse. Imbeciles


      • Dear Pamela, I’m sorry to learn that you have been suffering for so long seemingly without relief. Just curious, have you tried another means of getting mental health care?

        Just so you know, I am not a professional counselor or mental health care provider as I stated in my disclaimer page. I once believed I had multiple personalities which were created after many pseudomemories created in therapy.

        I’m curious, what do you think I am denying? I see you posted this on the Robert J. Lifton Youtube. Did you find what he lectured about imbecilic, or was that just an opinion of me?

        What did you think of Dr. Lifton’s lecture about cults?



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