Suicide & Dissociative Identity Disorder

Many people in treatment for Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), commonly known as multiple personalities, live in a chronic state of suicidal thinking, acting out, and/or making serious attempts to end their lives (and succeed) either intentionally, or by accident.

I lost several friends to suicide while in treatment for Dissociative Identity Disorder. I witnessed many others make attempts to end their life by overdosing on caches of pills, self-mutilation, and other acts requiring emergency medical intervention.

There is a new online course titled: The Inpatient Suicide Prevention Course in the United Kingdom. Description:

Published on Jul 2, 2013

This video introduces you to our new online course produced by the Section of Mental Health Nursing at the Institute of Psychiatry.
To apply for or register for this course, or for any other administrative query, please contact Alex Harwood (
For queries about fees and potential large orders for ward, hospital or organisation wide training, please contact Len Bowers (
For questions about the educational content and management of the course, please contact Debbie Robson (

This online course also forms part of our 10 day short course: “Enhanced Skills for In-patient Staff


Disclaimer by blogger: I do not endorse or support this course. This is for informational purposes only.

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  1. I am sorry to hear about the friends you have lost to suicide because they were diagnoised did. I think a part of how they treat did itself is why there is a mass amount of suicides relating to it. I took suicide preventation training as part of basic mental health first aid, QPR is the method. And the biggest thing they stay is to be straight to the point and not to hide behind euphamisms and the such. And to make sure its known the choice they are making is there own not by external forces. Once they add in stating that there are alters and such of course no suicide prevention will ever help them 😦


    • Jeannette Bartha

       /  07/02/2013

      Hi Jessica, I can’t say that the suicide occurred because they were diagnosed DID. All I can say is that they either had DID as one of many diagnoses, or were being treated by a doctor who had DID/MPD patients.

      Suicide and suicidality is an accepted byproduct of DID treatment. A little known fact discussed among people who believe they suffer from it. I haven’t scoured the professional literature, so I don’t know if there is a growing database on the subject. Surely, practitioners and theorists and survivors don’t discuss it much, otherwise they would reinforce my stance that the diagnosis should be obliterated from the psychiatry landscape.



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