New Jersey, USA: Recovered memories of priest-abuse suit proceeds

Courier Post, August 05, 2013

by Jim Walsh

Camden priest-abuse suit to proceed despite ‘recovered memory’ controversy: Alleged victim says he recalled it only recently


CAMDEN — A Camden man who claims he was molested as a child by a South Jersey priest can argue in court he repressed memories of the abuse for more than 40 years, a federal judge has ruled.

Mark Bryson contends he was repeatedly assaulted in the late 1960s by the Rev. Joseph Shannon at St. Anthony of Padua Parish in Camden. But Bryson also says he only remembered the abuse in February 2010 — an assertion key to a lawsuit he filed last year against the Diocese of Camden.


U.S. District Judge Jerome Simandle Thursday said he will hold a hearing in his Camden courtroom to address the statute of limitations issue.


When Bryson realized his neighbor was a sex offender, the opinion continues, “the memories of abuse by Shannon flooded back in.”


The judge also noted he must assess the “extent of prejudice” to the diocese, “which depends in part on the credibility of (Bryson’s) memories and the memories of other living witnesses.”

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