Misinformation About the False Memory Syndrome Foundation: A source list

This post was originally published on April 12, 2012. It listed Internet sites that published misinformation about the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and/or its advisory board members unwittingly or purposefully.

I am not a member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) nor have I ever been; I am not a spokesperson or representative. I have, however, volunteered for the FMSF and the Foundation has published several of my essays and articles.

My motivation for maintaining this post is because the high level of misinformation in print media on the Internet is high and some of it has become urban legend. I will not rebut or challenge any of the links except to list them which means that they are factually wrong, misleading, or in other ways not reporting accurately on an organization that stands in the middle of the memory wars that has raged for over 20 years.

The aim of this ongoing post is to separate fact from fiction and to educate readers on some pertinent social issues, research, legal wranglings, and patient care that have transpired worldwide since the inception of the FMSF in 1992. Heated debates about how memory is formed, stored, and retrieved remains a hot issue in the psychiatric and survivor communities. Since the issues that surround memory as it pertains to decade delayed recall of childhood sexual abuse, the health and welfare of patients and their families is at stake. The public must be aided in learning the difference between facts about the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and personal opinions about the Foundation.

No matter your position on issues, or why you have come to this blog, you deserve access accurate information that can be verified.

The False Memory Syndrome Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) org. founded in March, 1992.

Address: 1955 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA 19103-5766
Telephone: 215-940-1040, Fax: 215-940-1042.
Email: mail@fmsfonline.org
Pamela Freyd, Ph.D., Executive Director

* * *

The False Memory Syndrome Foundation  by Survivant

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  1. avalon111

     /  04/13/2012

    OpenSalon’s inclusion of misinformation about FMS isn’t too munch of a surprise. The site also incorporates postings from Neil ‘trained assassin’ Brick.

    Open Salon ostentiously tries to present itself as a liberal-leftist source for independent writing. The site was created and is owned by Kerry Lauerman, Thomas Rogers and Christopher Walsh. Some perceive it to be an antidote to the right-leaning Huffington Post.

    Unfortunately the reality is somewhat different; Open Salon is a primary conduit for extreme far-right beliefs and dogma to seep into leftist-liberal thought. Feminists, or rather modern feminists (because they don’t share much with the pioneers of feminists of the past) are a key source of far-right influence on the so-called ‘progressive’ left and liberal elite. Notably ‘survivant’ tags his (well it is probably Neil again) with the ‘feminism, sexual abuse, incest, childhood abuse’ tags.

    ‘The False Memory Syndrome Foundation’ of course avoids that elephant-in-the-room problem for all recovered memory therapy advocates; how to explain the extraordinary ‘recovered’ memories of satanic abuse and kidnap-by-aliens that are predominant amongst those who claim to have recovered memories of past abuse. This problem is solved by the simple expediency of ignoring it.

    Back to Open Salon though. Whilst happily publishing the meanderings of Neil & co, Open Salon aren’t particularly enthusiastic about allowing articles that detail the history of the satanic ritual abuse myth, the validity of RMT and the associated DID diagnose to persist on the site. Australian writer and teacher Les Harrop (Les H) compiled a compelling series of essays on the history of the SRA Myth, centering particularly on the UK (he was born in the North of England) together with incisive essays on Sybil and critiques on books that had influenced both religious fundamentalists and feminists alike – such as Michelle remembers. Over a dozen essays were contributed to Open Salon and they proved to be a hugely useful reference work of high quality. Something that Open Salon you might have thought, would be proud of.

    Instead though, apparently on the command of Kerry Lauerman and Joan Walsh the essays were deleted, without a backup, with no communication beforehand to Les and no note on the site to say why. Les was able to retrieve some of the essays and triued to engage Lauerman and Walsh again in demanding they be restored. Neither declined to reply.

    Having begun to recreate his body of work on the site, Open Salon did the same again, and deleted the Les H account, once again without a word of explanation.

    The les H Open Salson scandal is probably the worst instance of internet publishing censoring to-date, though it remains somewhat under-reported.

    The collection of contributed Open Salon articles that promote the SRA Myth/DID/RMT/Mind Control is extensive, and includes

    http://open.salon.com/blog/dantalion/2012/02/03/spin_programming_a_newly_uncovered_technique_of_systematic_mind_control – Spin Programming: A Newly Uncovered Technique of Systematic Mind Control posted by Dantalion Jones (whose ‘Favorites include Open Salson founders Joan Walsh and Kerry Lauerman)


    http://open.salon.com/blog/stopchildabuse/2009/09/03/ritual_abuse_evidence – Ritual Abuse Evidence from ‘stopchildabuse’ (that’s Neil ‘trained assassin’ Brick to you-and-me)


    http://open.salon.com/blog/stopchildabuse/2011/06/08/valerie_sinason_-_clinic_for_dissociative_studies – Valerie Sinason – Clinic for Dissociative Studies
    which recommends the famous book ‘Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse’

    Other Open Salon users who have tried to write about the SRA Myth have been banned and their work removed, including the user 192862

    There are some essays that discuss the subjects still allowed – including;

    http://open.salon.com/blog/backward_messages/2012/02/16/second_woman_claims_false_memories_of_satanic_ritual_abuse_came_from_treatment_center – Second woman claims false memories of Satanic Ritual Abuse came from treatment by writer Beth Winegarner – though being a journalist and published author is no defence against the censoring hands of Joan Walsh and Kerry Lauerman, who will no doubt remove her work and can her account as soon as she attracts too much attention.


    • Why does that not surprise me? Appreciate the links.

      I don’t comment on SRA issues or alien abduction intentionally. Although the logic of it is as legitimate as multiple personalities, it is a diversion for this blog. Secondly, Neil Brick spends a lot of time writing about those who criticize his theories (or simply report on them). He has a long tirade about me on his site that I did not respond to – whatever. He is free to spend his time as he wishes. If only harm and destruction did not follow in his wake.



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