Rebuttal to Vile Comments From a Fringe Group of the Survivor Community

I do not want to write this post but I not longer have a choice.

There are a two business owners who identify themselves as survivors of either multiple personalities and/or ritual torture, who do not like my opinions that  1.) multiple personalities don’t exist and 2) therapists can, mistakenly or not, manipulate patients into believing they were subjected to child sexual abuse when in reality, they were not.

Don’t see a problem? Read on.

The people in question announced yesterday on Book Review of 22 Faces by Judy Byington, that they created a YouTube lecture/webinar that will include me. I suspect that I will continue to be called a pedophile protector and worse if there is such language.

Yesterday, I wrote a cease & desist note on the Amazon book review written by Grandma Bethany telling them to stop or face legal action. I have requested – the largest online retailer, to close my account and delete all comments I’ve made on any book review.

I gave these individuals seven (7) days to remove any and all mention of me in their writings, publications, and webinars. Failure to do so will result in legal action against them for, but not limited to, libel, slander, harassment, stalking, and hate speech.

I will not mention the names of the survivors, their weblinks, or other identifying information to further promote their agenda and the utterly vile manner in which they conduct themselves in public.

In an effort to minimize drama, I have closed the comment section for this post.

I apologize for the need to inform you of these developments.

Let’s get back to work and make psychotherapy safe and effective.



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