The Multiple Personality Disorder Defense, Former Marine Accused of Attempted Murder of Deputy

Tampa, Florida, USA

by Jessica Vander Veide, Staff Writer


Two years ago, a former Marine accused of battering his girlfriend fired nearly a dozen bullets at the Hillsborough deputy sent to investigate.

Deputy Lyonelle De Veaux lived, and though authorities arrested Matthew Buendia and charged him with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, his girlfriend stood by his side. Jessica Gipson visited the defense attorney’s office several times a week, providing information in Buendia’s favor.

His family and attorney have said Buendia suffers from PTSD after three military tours abroad, including one in Afghanistan and one in Iraq.

On Wednesday, O’Brien said his client has also suffered from dissociative disorder and was having an episode when he shot at the deputy. Dissociative disorder was formerly known as “multiple personality disorder,” and during dissociative fugue a person might not be aware of what he is doing — or might not remember the actions later.

Full Article Hillsboro Judge Orders Woman to Reveal Source in Deputy’s Shooting

retrieved 10-24-13

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