Got Dissociative Identity Disorder? Ask yourself why the evil people you fear never show up on Halloween

Every year many who believe they were raised in satanic cults get paranoid and worry that some cult will call them back during the Halloween holidays, or they go into long harangues about wanting to go back – while pleading with their online communities, and therapists, to Please help me stay safe!

I am not poking fun at people who believe they were raised in a destructive abusive cult, rather, I am directly speaking to therapists who support this rubbish based on what? Do therapists have evidence other than the testimony, or recovered memories, of their client?

There is no law in the United States known to this blogger requiring a mental health care provider to verify that what their patient declares is factual.

Is this solid and responsible psychiatric treatment?

Visit any survivor online community tonight and witness the mayhem. Try Psychforums or any open Yahoo! group. Halloween is the pinnacle of alleged satanic and ritual activity. Try to find newspaper articles tomorrow morning reporting the hundreds of women who were abducted tonight.

It is psychotherapists who believe that multiple personalities exist who either generate, or support, this nonsense. It’s the same therapists who are working overtime tonight and banking monies (if they are billing) for which they expect insurance companies to reimburse them. If you take issue with your insurance company supporting this, speak up.

Help the public find a shred of evidence that patients have been abducted. Help us find the satanic cults that are successful at calling back women into their fold. Better yet, help us stop the insanity!

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  1. Saz

     /  11/07/2013

    well i can say that one you have never been involved in cults and it is not cults per say anyhow. there are two satanist worshiping the and ritualistic which involves many people all out to abuse children in a group also know as organized abuse. i was abused from 2 yrs until i was 18 years old and yes i have DID i hate it and no i do not have a therapist who wants details or fishes around for memories. i have had all my symptoms from an early age and throughout my life i had symptoms many years before i went to see a psychologist. Halloween for me represents a time when i was abused by six men and made to abuse other children ( i was eight yrs old) with them all wearing Halloween costumes and being tied down on a table. i really think you should research this topic before you write things like this. DID is a result of overwhelming unimaginable abuse it is also about the emotional and physical and sexual abuse it is about survival l it an attachment disorder caused by not only the abuse but the relationships within the family or external abusers. for my brother and myself, it was about having a mother who beat me emotionally abused me and a relative who took us both to be abused. my brother did not develop DID primarily because my mum and he has an attachment from birth. i learn t to dissociate because of her physical abuse and it developed in to the extreme end of the condition because of the daily sexual and torture by others. i have prof i have names i have been to court along with 7 others and they were prosecuted. so yes therapists have lots of evidence my abusers have been among the only ones that the media knew about there is thousands of people abuses with cults within there own homes in fact within all places children are available there is plenty of verification to peoples claims of abuse. it just goes on behind closed doord and courts. . there will always be people that do not believe this stuff happens but it dose i have medical notes that show evidence of my abuse back in 1978 but because abuse dose not happen in middle class family’s it was never acted upon. my school records show evidence of my hurts yet no one did anything. cults have always existed look at the church religions the undercover operations no one hears about that recuse children and women. i work within this area so can inform you that this dose exist. and if you want proof i will give it to you.


    • Jeannette Bartha

       /  11/12/2013

      Hello Saz, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      You are correct that I have never been ritually abused, but I was treated by a psychiatrist who convinced me I was so I have a lot of insight into what you are saying.

      I know that ritual abuse exists and that children are sexually harmed every day, that is not being debated. I am always sad to learn that someone has survived the horrors you report.

      You mentioned that I should do some research – I invite you to return to my blog and read it. There are over 500 posts about the subject. One of them is my experiences others are my publications.

      I wish you the best in your healing journey. J



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