Discussion: The American Psychiatric Association, what could they do to protect consumers?

Protected from what, you may ask?

Protected from therapies that have no track record of making patients well, for one.

Mental health care consumers have the right to purchase psychotherapy on the basis of being an informed consumer. That means that psychotherapists have to disclose information to clients — without a client needing to ask. Consumers probably don’t how what to ask and may not realize there are many types of psychotherapy for sale. Some of these disclosures are in place, but they are not working.

What can the most influential and politically charged American Psychiatric & Psychological Association’s do to keep consumers safe from potentially harmful therapy practices?

Let’s put our heads together and think. What Could the APA be doing to insure patient safety?

Let’s take a good hard-look at these questions and offer constructive criticism. Who knows? Maybe someone in  a key position will find your ideas useful. Maybe consumers will be heard.  Maybe we can send our ideas to the APA? At the very least, we can spend time positively critiquing the most powerful organizations who oversee patient care.

What do you think?

What is the first thing about the APA you would change?

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  1. DI

     /  11/02/2013

    Reblogged this on Children's Rights.


  2. Altus

     /  08/06/2012


    The new wordpress link from your old blog address http://jeanettebartha.wordpress.com/ needs a “2” after matters. Without the “2” it does not work. I got here by going to your twitter page.


    • Thank you, Altus. yes, the new address needs a 2. mentalhealthmatters2.wordpress.com

      I am abandoning wordpress and all it’s nonsense for a real website. Should be up soon.

      Thanks for hanging in there



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