A mental health org supporting multiple personalities & Dissociative Identity Disorder, Is this responsible health care?

This organization offers mental health consumers a lot of resources and information. But is it useful and truthful with a track record of restoring patients to good health?

This org supports the existence of multiple personalities referred to as Dissociative Identity Disorder, or DID. When organizations do so, it makes me question their ethics and ability to differentiate between therapies that work vs. questionable therapies with the potential to cause harm – sometimes referred to as pop psychology. Do mental health care providers read research and know how to interpret the results that show time and again that this therapy may be ineffective?

As always, consumers, do your homework. Read about the therapy you are interested in purchasing. Ask questions. Remember, you are buying a service and deserve to be treated with research driven treatment known to produce results in less that the 5-10 years typically needed to weed through treatment for multiple personalities or Dissociative Identity Disorder.


Health (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

In the end, you face the consequences of your decisions. Mental health care is not easily investigated as other physical disorders and it’s difficult to know who to believe. Keep reading. Keep asking questions. Listen to your intuition and your gut. Give a dam about what happens to you. You deserve the best and most efficient therapy on the market. Find it, and use it.

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