Dissociative Identity Disorder Organization: PODS (Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors)

PODS (Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors)

HUNTINGDON Cambridgeshire United Kingdom, England

From the website:

Our telephone helpline is manned by Rob from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm on Tuesday evenings, but at other times messages can be left and we will try to arrange a mutually convenient slot.  The helpline is not a ‘crisis’ helpline (like the Samaritans) but Rob is happy to speak with DID survivors, partners, supporters, professionals and anyone who is living or working with dissociation/DID.  We can also provide support via email, and face-to-face support is available dependent on locality.

PODS runs regular training days/workshops throughout the UK to educate and inform survivors, partners, supporters and professionals such as counsellors, therapists and NHS staff on dissociation and DID.  We usually provide some kind of meeting or opportunity at these events for survivors and partners to meet together in order to break the sense of isolation.  Go to our events page for more details.

PODS produces an information booklet, DID Emergency Information cards, a magazine called Multiple Parts, and is developing other resources.  Go to our resources page for more information.

PODS is supported by a Registered Charity called START (Survivors Trauma and Abuse Recovery Trust).

Update: 11-18-13.   info@pods-online.org.uk


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  1. One possible explanation for the rise in DID diangosis is already admitted – access to media sources. The movie Sybil (1976) is regarded as being the source of the huge explosion in DID cases in the US. The movies targeted demographic was white, English-speaking middle-aged women and girls – there was nothing in the film to appeal to black or other ethnic minorities.

    Access to media may be the crucial element. Ira Levin’s ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ (filmed in 1967) was and is routinely broadcast and remains popular (not least for Mia Farrow’s nude scenes.) I saw that film in the 1970s and it introduced the concept of middle-class satanists to, once again, a predominantly white, middle-class audiance. There were plenty of other influences…but put these two together and lo! SRA causes DID.

    But such beliefs require some further input. Once again, being middle-class helps. Being privileged means a reasonable education, access to books, television…having a computer in the bedroom (or even an Apple laptop at college). In the 1980s and 90s American and British feminism was primarily concerned with appealing to white middle-class young women – one of the very groups targeted by the extreme religious right. With both sides enthusiastically pushing the SRA Myth and DID/MPD (Gloria Steinem was still speaking about the advantages of DID and how useful it would be if women had multiple menstrual cycles in 2009) the obsessions became embedded in the middle-class white structures. 40,000 cases were diagnosed from 1985 to 1995.

    And that link with the middle-classes remains useful; white middle-class women have access to medical insurance, invariably have access to a disposible income – spent on getting the books, DVDs and attending the DID/SRA conferences, and best of all have a ‘support’ structure for even more money, from their families.

    Unfortunately most members of ethnic minorities haven’t either the time or the income to spend on such frivolities as DID and the SRA Myth. The same applies to the white working-class – they are too busy working hard and trying to make ends meet. ‘United States of Tara’ perhaps emphasised the white middle-class nature of DID more than any other source; with ‘Tara’ relying on support from her extended family and friends and being a burden upon them, without a single non-white face to be seen throughout.

    A key element in DID discussions is that it is extraoridinarily rare to find a child diagnosis of it. This, in theory, shouldn’t a be a problem. The idea behind the theory is that memories of childhood abuse (notably satanic ritual abuse) are compartmentalised through the creation – either by the individual, or by the CIA (depending on how extreme and wacko the believer is.) This should be immediate and thus we should be seeing MPD/DID kids across the board. Indeed there should in theory be an established history of DID children, particularly as a result of trauma, genocide, organised rape strategies (a la’ the Democratic Republic of Congo) and world war. However many DID proponents state that DID is caused by prolonged childhood abuse (sexual, physical and/or emotional). This is invariably characterised by a lack of any sign of permanent injuries – the key differentiator with most verified victims of childhod sexual/physical trauma – who themselves are characterised in not being able to forget the trauma that was inflicted upon them.

    Except there isn’t any history of childhood DID. Such a history can’t be found. Instead, multiple personalities are revealed in later life, invariably through psychotherapy or after being exposed to media (‘The Courage To Heal’, ‘Michelle Remembers’, ‘Sybil’, ‘United States of Tara’ etc.)

    A key element in the DID/SRA Myth vehicle is the way that American (and other Western) feminism changed in the mid-1980s onwards. Rather than presenting an image of the woman as being a dynamic, powerful being – the new image, still ‘pushed’ today, presents women as being simple, easily re-programmed, pathetic and weak creatures, easily bamboozled by rapacious males, victims of the patriarchy/The Illuminati (they are interchangeable terms now) . In effect women are now nothing more than ‘victims’ and the feminist lobby is unwilling to present women as being anything else other than ‘victims’.

    Males themselves are presented as serial rapists, domestic violence perpetrators, ‘dead-beat-dads’, stupid and dopey (at odds with the other image of them being wiley and evil strategists for the patriarchy/Illuminati). Some advertisers and marketing companies have chosen to partially ignore the feminist image of the modern woman, and instead have gone for the image of the female as being leader; smart and intelligent, whilst at the same time retaining the vision of the male as dumb and daft (see many commercial advertisements on American television).

    This is key – just at the very moment in history that the feminist lobby could have aided women in general in a time when the religious right were making huge strides, instead, almost collectively, that lobby, led by the likes of Gloria Steinem, chose to collude with the religious right. And the collusion continues today and has been recently discussed in http://www.dramatis.hostcell.net/SRA/RIDDELL/riddell.html#dv – Continuing collusion – The Encyclopedia of Domestic Violence.


    • Hi Avalon111 You mention that it’s hard to find a child diagnosed (dx) with DID? It’s only a matter of time. Look what happened with the dx of bipolar disorder. The rise in children dx with it rose significantly. Not saying that children don’t have bipolar, just mentioning it. I suspect the same is, or will, occur with DID. People dx with DID usually look to childhood as the source of their problems, how can children avoid being diagnosed with DID. Perhaps parents should beware. Of course that statement will inflame some of the DID community because they believe its the parents who are the problem.

      Well I sure fell into the 1980s “reverse feminism” if you will. My treatment for non-existent childhood trauma began in 1986.


  2. avalon111

     /  02/14/2012

    PODS and another ‘charity’ in the UK called TASC (Trauma & Abuse Group) both revolve around Carolyn Spring. Both charities are geared to their appeal to middle-class, middle-aged white British women who reckon they have been satanically-abused in the past and thus developed DID. Some British church groups, inclined to the David Icke worldview (Spring Ministries) are also allied to these charities.

    It’s a world of pithy Home Counties accents, privileged childhoods and private schooling, BMW’s and holidays in Provence. Black working-class women don’t feature amongst such charities members, not least because such groups are invariably based in pleasant parts of the world – START is based in Huntington, Cambridgeshire, one of the nicest (and wealthiest) parts of leafy England. You don’t get DID ‘support’ charities based in inner-city ghettos in any Western country – they just don’t exist.

    START is ‘new’ and has an interesting feature. As well as Carolyn Spring, Carol Bentham and Kathy Robinson being Trustees, they have a ‘famous’ name amongst them – the Reverend David Woodhouse.

    Rev. Woodhouse has a long-established history in advocating for the SRA Myth, going back to the late 1980s, though he had disappeared for several years;

    ‘He was a key speaker at a conference in Cardiff that June; in his audience were social workers from Rochdale who, the following week, took 12 children into care on suspicion that their families were Satanists.

    I am not suggesting that Woodhouse is a fanatic; on the contrary, on my brief meeting with him he struck me as a genial, trusting gentleman. The problem, I guess, lies in a credulous nature which leaves him indisposed to assess stories critically. This would explain his unusual beliefs – e.g.., that in some Satanic covens, “girls have been impregnated with the sperm of an animal such as a cat or with frog-spawn.” Whatever doubts Woodhouse may have about such incredible claims – “Whether they have birthed a kitten or frogs is unclear” – he seems content to believe that his informants are “certainly under that impression.”‘

    http://www.forteantimes.com/features/articles/258/satan_in_suburbia.html – Satan in Suburbia, Gareth J. Medway, Fortean Times (November 2001)


    • Avalon111. Two things strike be about what you posted.

      First, is my ever-unanswered question about why poor women, or those of “color” – sorry, I hate that term) do not present with DID? Of course the answer is that they have it, it’s just undiagnosed. Rubbish. Other than that pat answer, there is little to say.

      Privileged white women in therapy for DID don’t enjoy good mental health like their sisters – similarly abused – who do not have the same wealth and education. And let’s not mistake wealth and education at being upper class. An average childhood with college in the future was all it took to snare me into these theories.

      It’s time for researchers to look into impoverished populations for answers to better mental health.

      Secondly, you spoke of Rev. Woodhouse and then qualified your opinions and observations by adding that he seemed a “trusting gentleman”. I think the same can be said of most of these theorists and practitioners. They truly are kind and caring people – but don’t let that get in the way. I found my former psychiatrist rather “father-like” and his genuine kindness clouded my thinking and I trusted him more than he deserved. The longer I was in his presence, and under his care and direction, the more my ability to ascertain solid psychiatry from fiction was systematically destroyed.



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