Deliberate Self-Harm & Self-Mutilation by Multiples & other Distressed Mental Health Care Consumers


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I can no longer wait to report on one of the most self-destructive behaviors of those who define themselves as suffering from multiple personality or dissociative identity disorder. And that is: Self-Injury.

Surfing the net. Ran into videos that were so powerful, they literally turned my stomach; they made my heart ache. At the same time, I was struck by the bravery these videographers show in allowing us into their lives.

Many who are diagnosed with multiple personalities/dissociative identity self-harm. I wonder if they look into the future to a time they may be well, yet the scars remain – every day, every hour, every minute the reminders of a painful past will be there. There will never be a day that passes without literally seeing past- pain once expressed by cutting or burning an arm, leg, or other less visible part of the body.

No matter how much a day is enjoyed , love shared, and new memories made, self-inflicted reminders will be there. It is with this thought that I offer the YouTube videos below. Looking & seeing what this lifestyle may bring takes a theoretical discussion of why people do this to the reality of the action.

I cannot, and will not, take responsibility for your life or for how you respond to these public YouTube videos. The videographers who made the posts below and this blogger’s intentions are for educational purposed only.

None of the videos below are about me or anyone I know.

Watch. Look. Think.


MPD.DID Self Harm

What it’s like 4 a cutter at the hospital – Self Harm

Angelina Jolie Talks Self-Harm

My Self Harm Story

Dissociative mind in crisis ***triggering ***

Self-Injury. My story.

Since 2005, I have followed discussions between multiples in chat rooms, yahoo groups, message boards, websites, personal telephone conversations and recently, blogs. Over 20,000 conversations were documented between individuals who present themselves as multiple. The term “multiple” includes those who claim to have multiple personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder, and other diagnosis’ under the umbrella of dissociative disorders.

What is self-injury?

Initially termed self-harm, deliberate self-injury or self-mutilation, it is now recognized as a behavior in its own right among mental health care providers. According to David F. Duffy a PhD nurse and the coordinator of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy for England in 2002, self-injury “can be defined as a behaviour that involves deliberately injuring one’s own body, without suicidal intent and with or without pain.”

Six years ago when I began my investigations there were few individuals discussing self-harm. In recent years, conversations are common and include explicit descriptions of skin cutting, burning, severe scratching, hitting or banging body parts, ingesting toxic substances, and then interfering with wound healing. I have recently found a photograph of a severe skin burning so I suspect that posting photographs and details of injuries is on the rise.

As more research is gathered, I will include reasons for the behavior, reinforcements, the functions of, and how individuals feel before and after self-injurious acts.

  1. David F. Duffy Ba MSc PhD RMN, 2006, “Self-injury”, Suicide and non-fatal self-harm, vol. 5, (8) p 263-265.

Updated: 09-17-14.

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  1. Bourbon

     /  11/28/2013

    I’m intruiged at how you define your use of the word ‘lifestyle’.


    • Hello Bourbon,

      When I believed I had multiple personalities and was in treatment, there was a huge difference between that lifestyle and the one I had before and after treatment.



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