Why I Say Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities) Doesn’t Exist

I consider the diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) the largest catastrophe the United States Psychiatric Industry has ever created at the expense of clients and their families.

No one is immune from the far reaching tentacles and potential destruction of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID – and that includes you.  It may not be You who succumbs to bad medicine, but someone else who did – making you the target of abuse accusations.

I say this manufactured-malady, originally named Multiple Personality Disorder, doesn’t exist because of personal experience. I was diagnosed with it after seeking treatment for depression. It was 1986, and I didn’t know there was a trend sweeping across America that believed buried memories of child sexual abuse and unspeakable torture was behind most emotional difficulties. My desperation to get well, and the vulnerability that went with it, let an unscrupulous doctor enter my life and change it forever. I became a near-tragedy of one man’s bizarre psychological theories borne in his perverted mind. Don’t let it happen to you.

My swift descent into the grisly world of multiple personalities, replete with forced memories of abuse that never happened, was not of my mind but orchestrated by an insane psychiatrist with gruesome delusions that took me years to discover. I thought I was receiving cutting-edge treatment, but discovered that multiple personalities didn’t exist any more than the bizarre memories I was encouraged to recall under duress, sequestration, narcotics, and truth serums.  The cooperative delusions of my psychiatrist, art therapist, and hospital staff nearly killed me as my health deteriorated and my body broke down from traumatic and violent therapeutic sessions and prescribed narcotics.

Instead of writing a long-winded personal history, I encourage you to read posts and articles on my blog about a wide range of topics that often stem from the mental malady of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

My memoir has literary representation. I will keep you posted as the publishing wheel turns.

You are invited to engage in discussions and arguments, or just read.

Thank you for stopping by, Jeanette

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  1. Pat

     /  03/09/2013

    Also I think the problem here is not the mind dissocoating from pain and mental trauma that you question but more the split that occurs that people can’t figure out. Why the archetypical personalities develop.
    How they develope, how they are maintained in the mind.

    For one my dr “challenges” my alters.(me) He challenges their existence to them and the result of that has been a reinforcement of their identities by acting out. A male alter reinforces his existence by trying to pick up girls even dating, after being told he’s not a man but a women. And others told that their not real have reinforced their existence by doing what they do best, creating solid mementos , physical things that can affirm that they are infact not just figments of my mind. DID is so incredibly complex and i had no idea. I had no idea and a lot of drs don’t either. That’s why it needs to be studied and re outlined so that I can get help and so can others.people who fake DID make me so angry because they fuck it all up for me. They make it harder for me to get help and I despise them for making a mockery of my life.
    Jeanette, DID may be overly diagnosed, many people may fake it, the diagnostic criteria in my eyes is definitely not rigid or solid enough, but this is not a fake disorder. It’s very loosely defined and irresponsibly treated by drs with no experience, but with the right, experienced diagnostician, it can be helped and it is most certainly real.


  2. Pat

     /  03/09/2013

    A lot of really irresponsible drs did a lot of irresponsible, unfounded diagnosing. And you Jeanette were falsely diagnosed… At what point did you decide because you were falsely diagnosed, that that meant EVERYONE must be ‘faking it’? And that DID is not a real diagnosis?

    The problem with people who denounce DID is that it makes the disorder even more elusive and more difficult to treat and people like ME have to suffer countless years in the system while uneducated doctors or people like yourself try to place them in every other diagnosis but DID.

    I’m angry when I read your opinions because unfortunately people read them and like you say a person with DID reinforces ther ‘belief’ by being affiliated with a support group or various other outlets, people like you reinforce idiotic disbelief that dwells in the community.

    And by that, you and others make me suffer.
    And turn my life in to a nightmare. You make it harder for drs to learn more and learn how to treat trauma.

    You say you want a discussion but your mind is made up and not only that, your angry. Your angry because you got hurt. I get that. Because I’ve been hurt for much longer than you. By people like you.

    I didn’t believe as you say in DID. Id of course eard about it but thought no way is that me! I never read about really or even considered it. I thought I had amnesia or narcolepsy or a fatigue disorder that caused me to do things and say things I didn’t remember. I spent over 15 years in mental health being loaded up with drugs and electrocuted.
    And finally, 30 years later after having spinal surgery, and then subsequently jumping out of my wheelchair and dancing around the room and clearly not feeling any pain whatsoever from my surgery I just had or seeming at all affected by the anethesia. and most importantly having no recollection of this, as is pretty normal for me. after a ton of tests i finally had to open up a bit and got paired up with great dr and for the first time in nearly 15 years I am actually getting better.

    So what’s you theory on how I, with a history of things like this happening, clear ‘unexplainable’ shifts on an EEG and ct scan was able to accomplish the feat of jumping around as if I had not just had a major surgery on my spine and was not coming out of anethesia (And was not yet receiving pain meds).
    Was I faking it? or Is the brain as mysterious as we think it is and DID is real? So why do you not believe in DID. And this time how about a REAL answer?
    You were clearly hurt, and hurt by people who should have helped you, so I get your frustration and anger, but say that, don’t make it harder for people like me to get the help they need. I have a family and a life and id like to start living it, so I really need drs to get better at treating DID. Instead of just saying it doesn’t exist and that’s that.


    • Jeannette Bartha

       /  03/10/2013

      Hello Pat,

      Your opinion that I was misdiagnosed with multiple personalities is simply wrong.

      ‘Multiple personalities’, as a mental illness as defined in the DSM, is a cultural-bound syndrome – seen mostly in Western cultures. The Psychology Industry was diagnosing many women with what is clinically called Dissociative Identity Disorder in the mid to late 1980s and continue to do so.


    • Jeannette Bartha

       /  03/10/2013

      Most clinicians who diagnosis women with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) do so after their patient reports (with their agreement) 5 or more years being ‘misdiagnosed’ and treated for many other mental illnesses.

      I am unable to find instances where clinicians diagnose patients solely with multiple personalities – Dissociative Identity Disorder. There are usually secondary psychiatric disorders attached to it.
      The most used secondary psychiatric diagnoses are:

      – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD or c-ptsd)
      – eating disorder
      – Bipolar Disorder
      – Borderline Personality Disorder
      – anxiety disorder
      – other dissociative disorders

      Although DID is considered the primary diagnosis to clinician and patient, it is not what is reported to insurance companies – or is it? Insurers don’t reimburse treatment for multiple personalities as they did in the 1980s so what are clinicians using as the diagnosis on insurance claims while they treat multiple personalities behind the closed doors of their offices?

      The primary theory of multiple personalities, clinically DID, is that it occurs as a creative and intelligent way for a child to cope with repeated trauma (usually sexual) during early developmental years.


      Chris Sizemore (3 Faces of Eve), one of the first public ‘multiple’ figures to emerge in the US, was diagnosed with DID but did Not use childhood sexual abuse as the reason. Chris’ multiple personalities followed witnessing death at a young age.

      A more important fact is that peer-reviewed articles (those other clinicians read prior to publication) are Not littered with reports of recovery – or absence of multiple personalities following treatment. “Recovery” is amorphous & can be defined many ways, yet when people seek medical intervention, we do so to eliminate the disease/illness or at least get it in remission. The diagnosis of Dissociate Identity Disorder does not seem to go away – it becomes a lifestyle – a way of life.


    • Jeannette Bartha

       /  03/10/2013

      Pat, your comments were left on the “Why I say Multiple Personalities Don’t Exist” post, so I don’t understand why you ask some of the questions you do maybe they just need to be rephrased.

      You ask: At what point did you decide because you were falsely diagnosed, that that meant EVERYONE must be ‘faking it’? And that DID is not a real diagnosis?

      To give your questions attention, I need to separate them so I can stay focused.

      – “At what point did I decide I was falsely diagnosed?” I was not falsely diagnosed
      – “At what point did I decide.. that that meant EVERYONE must be ‘faking it’? Pat, I do not think those who claim to have DID are faking it – that is your jump in logic.

      You ask of me: “that DID is not a real diagnosis?” I’m pretty sure this question is answered. If not, let me know.


  3. Jessica

     /  08/13/2012

    wow… been reading his site and wow is all i can say…



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