Denver, Colorado, USA: Truth Serum Interview May Be Ordered in Alleged Movie Theater Killer

“Narcoanalytics” Order in Aurora Massacre Case Unprecedented

by Karen Franklin, Ph.D.

News flash: There is no such thing as ‘truth serum’

Published on March 19, 2013

The judge presiding over the trial of accused killer James Holmes has broken new legal ground by ordering the Aurora Colorado massacre suspect to submit to polygraph testing and a “narcoanalytic interview” if he decides to put his mental state at issue.

Chief District Judge William Sylvester ruled that if Holmes elects to pursue an insanity defense, “medically appropriate” drugs can be administered during a forensic examination at the state hospital, presumably to determine whether the mass murder suspect is feigning insanity.

This may be the first time that a court has mandated use of so-called “truth serum” in a sanity evaluation. Indeed, courts have generally taken the opposite stance, of being gatekeepers who exclude the results of both sodium amytal and polygraph examinations from court due to their lack of reliability.

Full Story retrieved 12-08-13

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