More B.S. from Byington: Author of 22 Faces of Jenny Hill

Breaking News:  Clay Douglas & Judy Byington

Full book title: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities

How and why Judy Byington-Weindorf gets away with defaming a mentally handicapped woman and writing about her family is beyond me.

The author claims to be a former therapist who treated the patient written about in this book that is fiction if you ask me.  Byington-Weindorf somehow got Jenny to relinquish all rights to her own story so she is silenced by this therapist who is taking 100% of the royalties from this publications.

More preposterous ridiculousness if you’re in the mood.


See also released today Sacred Matrix with Sasha and Janet Lessin and guest Judy Byington on Revolution Radio.

This second video is partly about the United States and Canadian mind control program, MKULTRA, which was a real program during the cold war. Problem is, Byington and her supporters are embellishing the programs and including conspiracy theories. What is occurring is that these people are mucking up facts with fantasy and urban legend which will likely suck up vulnerable people into their belief system.

I do not want to expound upon this aspect of multiple personalities. For further informatio about these issues and the people associated with Judy Byington-Weindorf see the extensive work of Doug Mesner at

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  1. I worked in a very dangerous facilty in Chicago in the 80’s. The XXXX Psychiatric Institute ( Experimental ). Guinea Pig , Big Pharma Forensic High Rise. Was closed due to Rights violations. I spoke loudly. The M.D.’s would of loved to make that breakthrough and they tried getting funding to prove their point so they could be the Authority on a nouveaux niche that could not possibly have the merits to fit evidence based criteria.


    • Hello unionbrother, Thank you for your comment.

      I had to XXXX out the name of the institution because I don’t know anything about what you are reporting about.



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