My Experiences with False Memories, author unknown

All names in the story have been changed (except that of Elizabeth Loftus and Paul Ingram) to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.

During my years in graduate school I lived in a run down house in a run down dangerous neighborhood with other students.  …One day a beautiful woman (I’ll call her Lauren) called to look at a room that was available.  I told her I’d escort her from her home to mine since the neighborhood was dangerous.  She decided not to rent but decided she liked me.  I asked her to marry me and we became engaged.  …

Lauren told me how she had been abused as a child.  … by her parents and would be tormented by flashbacks to terrible scenes of abuse. … her parents were members of a cult, how a friend of hers from childhood may have been murdered by the cult, how the cult engaged in animal sacrifice and how her father had injured her with a corkscrew.  These tales were hard to believe to say the least.

… in order for us to continue I had to support her and believe her.   …I went with Lauren to her therapist for couples counseling (I’ll call her therapist Dr. Herman).  To my surprise Dr. Herman believed Lauren.   I asked Dr. Herman how she could believe everything Lauren told her.  Dr. Herman told me that “The therapist has to believe the patient”.  Her therapist believed that people who are abused often are not believed and they need someone to believe them and support them.  Dr. Herman felt it was her obligation to do so.  …

How do therapists create false memories of abuse?    The therapist convinces the patient that repressed memories are the source of their problem and the only way they’ll get well is if they remember.  The patient …starts imagining stories of past abuse.  If the patient has doubts …their therapists assure … she doesn’t want to believe the truth.  …

Retrieved 4/3/11. Full Story: My Experience with False Memories

Update 02-20-13. Link not working.

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  1. georgia

     /  01/08/2014

    Wait a sec — I thought “Lauren” already had memories of childhood abuse “before” she sought therapy, which is the reason for my comment. I had flashbacks for over 40 years about being sexually abused at age 21. I gradually remembered many of the details and published a blog. Eight years later the plaintiffs sued me. Since I did not have the financial means to go forward, I signed a consent order to remove the blog and never speak of the incident again. This was the only way the plaintiffs could silence me. It’s called “justice”?
    Anyhow, my memories were never forgotten. Instead, they were put on the back burner to simmer in my subconscience for decades.


    • Hi georgia,

      I’m sorry, georgia, the link to this story was removed so I cannot refer to it to adequately address your concerns.

      I don’t know whether or not to applaud the fact that you never forgot your assault. I am usually glad to know that people who sustained sexual assault always remembered it rather than learnomg that their memories surfaced under other circumstances.

      I’d be interested to know more about how your memories were “put on the back burner” if you are interested in sharing your experiences.
      Best, J


  2. Russ

     /  01/08/2012

    Unfortunately, my family is also faced with a daughter (she’s now 19) having false memories of sexual abuse (initially by some schoolmates which eventually expanded to include her father) due to “recovered memory therapy”, and has cut off all contact with us. There has thankfully been no legal action. We are not interested in suing (even though the therapists where she was treated sure deserve to be!) , we just want our daughter back and pray that someday she come to realize that these memories are false. The place she was treated by these therapists at seems to be a cleverly-disguised cult…I corresponded recently with someone who was her roommate and that’s what she claims it was and they use “recovered memory therapy” as a way of control and an effective way of separating them from their family.


    • Hello Russ, I’m glad you found this blog and trust you will find useful information to share with your family.

      One of my first reasons for starting this blog was to initiate a platform for people to discuss repressed memories of sexual abuse from every possible angle.

      The research cited and the debates waged are the lesser insights I want people to focus on. What is imperative, in my opinion, is to offer families like yours, Russ, a place where you can come & read & learn about what your daughter is living through. I want you to read my story & the comments made on this blog by people who hate me for having the audacity to question, and then criticize, The Great Psychiatry Machine.

      The blog posts and comments show the inner workings of people’s minds and will help you understand how people like me, and your precious daughter, fell prey to theories of repression & then came to believe they were sexually abused when in fact the events being remembered never took place.

      It is a difficult time for you and your family, I know all too well. What helped me understand what happened to me, how I fell into repressed memory therapy, and how it was that a therapist was easily able to keep me there was this:

      Learning about mind control, thought reform & cult behavior – as it seems you are already doing. In my opinion, this therapy crisis is not about sexual abuse – it’s about manipulation. Bending and molding a vulnerable woman in a manner that suits the therapist, not the client.

      I don’t know how long you have been dealing with this family situation, so I will end here so I don’t overwhelm you with information. If you have questions or want to make comments on posts please do so.

      Just a reminder: this blog, like all of them, are open to the eyes of the world. Please protect your privacy – unless you want to shout out by all means come here and do so! – everyone else does! lol I shout, I write, I publish; I sued the psychiatrist & the hospital where I was treated for malpractice & negligence – but social activism isn’t for everyone. (p.s. suing is Not a profitable endeavor. It took 5+ years to get through it – but I was compelled to do what I could to make a change, to reclaim my family name & to restore my honor and integrity)

      Warm regards to you & your family. My thoughts will be with you. Jeanette



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