Discussion: Tell us about your relationship with your therapist

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Psychotherapy may have definitions on wikipedia, psychforums, WebMD and other Internet go-to places for information, but the definition and scope of psychological treatment is so vast and diverse that it cannot truly be defined or quantified.

The same can be said of those who make a living practicing psychotherapy. Therapists run the gamut from those with medical degrees to those who have no formal educational training at all – an unfortunate conundrum for mental health consumers. We often don’t know much about the therapist we employ until after treatment has commenced. It is not unusual to get to know a therapist and forget to ask questions about their credentials once we feel comfortable with them and form a bond of trust.

If you are thinking about finding a therapist, what have you done so far to find one you feel comfortable with?

If you are in therapy – tell us about your therapist. What do you like or dislike? Do you have insurance, do you pay out-of-pocket, or does your therapist treat you for free?

If you left treatment with a particular therapist, why?

Just questions that interest me. Have a question you want to pose? Go for it.

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  1. Jessica

     /  03/16/2012

    btw the last two comments were me i’m sorry i forgot that at school i’m not logged in and just hit post comment without looking


  2. Anonymous

     /  03/14/2012

    Yea did never even came up, this was just regular old anxiety. I think its becoming more a way to get money for any reason then to diagnose and help anymore.


  3. Anonymous

     /  03/14/2012

    well wasnt the hospitals it was the psychs at certain places. Mainly colleges, Felician College’s counseling services, Family services in my town, and Montcalir State Universities. I’ve never seen a hospital psych person at all i refuse to.


  4. Jessica

     /  03/14/2012

    yea i’m from new jersey. Well, i’ve found in this area there a big thing of hospitalize first ask questions later. When you go in complaining about anxiety related to a final exam they rather go “go to hospital for a week we’ll establish medications” when i’m not really for meds.


    • Wow Jessica – I continue to be surprised at your experiences. I was treated in a psychiatric hospital in North Philadelphia and, having settled a lawsuit with them I find it interesting therapists and hospitals continue to generate the same behavior. On the other hand, hospitals that treat dissociative identity disorder and multiple personalities are both shameless and arrogant.

      I will bet they use, as you pointed out, anxiety as the presenting problem (and diagnosis) and not dissociative identities or personalities. Insurance companies have had enough fake-scientific psychiatric treatments digging into their pockets.


  5. Jessica

     /  03/09/2012

    I look for a therapist that agrees with what i want to do and supports me. I go to one for help with anxiety and its imperative that they support my education goals and don’t attempt to tell me what to do.
    Mine is pretty good it feels more like speaking to a peer then the experiences i see a lot of people talk about. I have insurance that pays for it and i go bimonthly.
    In the past i have left therapists many many therapists have an attitude that everyone needs hospitalization or that everyone needs medications, and i see no reason to go to a hospital simply to get a diagnosis or to be on medications that have more side effects then benefits.


    • Hi Jessica, Thank you for sharing your experiences.

      Yikes! You find that many therapists want people to go to the hospital? Why? I wasn’t aware of that. Are you in the US? I have a million questions, but I’ll stop here. 🙂

      Glad to know you don’t need a hospital to get a diagnosis or to be treated. I do, however, hope you seek medical help if or when you need it.

      come back – I have a few hundred-thousand questions to ask ………..



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