Helen: Woman with 7 Personalities Part 3 , YouTube

Run time 9:31

This segment covers memories, flashbacks, and satanic ritual abuse (SRA)

Minute 2:00

  • prompted to recall high school memories
  • states that she got pregnant by one of her abusers @ age 16
  • fetus aborted and she had to eat


  • videographer/friend does research and finds the British False Memory Society
  • finds that eminent psychologists have conflicting theories regarding this disorder


  • interview with Dr. Ray Aldridge-Morris, Consulting Clinical Psychiatrist
  • states that MPD is an iatrogenic phenomenon created between patient & therapist
  • it is self-deception
  • a theatrical artifact & role playing


  • Helen declares that there is no way she could consistently speak in childlike mode
  • doesn’t see how she could be doing so


  • Helen is aware that research indicates that DID patients are suggestible
  • denies her therapist ever planted memories
  • states that if a memory was implanted she has no knowledge of it


  • Continued interview with Dr. Aldridge-Morris
  • states that we remember trauma
  • trauma is not repressed as Freudian theories state


  • videographer/friend states that her perceptions that the “False Memory Society” is a campaign group with its own agenda
  • states that she is finding her research very confusing


  • Helen appears to be heavily intoxicated


  • videographer/friend questions the reality of Helen’s experiences
  • states that none of that matters as it is Helen’s reality

Retrieved 10/10/11. Woman with 7 personalities, Part 3

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