New TV Series: Rhodora X. character has multiple personalities

Love Is... (Jennylyn Mercado album)

Love Is… (Jennylyn Mercado album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Series by GMA Network due for release January 2014.

By Isah V. Red | Nov. 27, 2013 a

It is called Rhodora X.

GMA Network says it’s a drama series which subject has never been tackled on Philippine TV.

Rhodora X is a story about rivalry between two sisters. One of them is afflicted with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). This condition jumpstarts the plot and defines the sisters’ relationship between them. It also is the cause of jealousy and the motivation for the power struggle between them.

Jennylyn Mercado stars in the series along with Yasmien Kurdi, and Mark Herras. Remember that the three used to be competitors in the network’s first search for stars called StarStruck. Mercado and Herras won the search and Kurdi was a runner up.

Full Story retrieved 11-27-13 Who is Rhodora?

photo credit unknown.

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