Questioning Multiple Personalities: What they ask

Women who openly question whether or not they have multiple identities, and are new to the diagnosis and lifestyle of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), often broadcast questions into cyberspace using the Internet. The online vehicles used to gain information and share personal questions about their psychological state of affairs are: – forums – chat groups – blogs & websites –  Amazon book reviews –  WebMD –  Psych Forums – – The Experience Project –  Google Groups – Yahoo! Groups –  and other more professional sites that offer an open discussion forum like those maintained by The Dr. Phil show and sites owned by people who define themselves using a generic term like therapist, whatever that means.

I am dismayed by the personal questions and facts offered about their psychological difficulties that often include what transpired in the office of a therapist, psychiatrist or medical doctor. I occasionally wonder if comments and questions are bogus and generated by a curious person or by a website like which poses questions to the public and we get to choose the right answer from a short list of possibilities.

Below are questions and comments I found while surfing the Internet. The comments below are allegedly posted by people seeking information about their private psychological health from people like you and me. Why people invite the world, via the Internet, to make comments and suggestions about their private psychological health is beyond my comprehension, but that’s what many women and men do.


Re: Under evaluation for a possible Dissociative Disorder

Postby L0rena » Fri Jan 31, 2014 1:14 pm

I actually got a reply from the institute and they sent me the DES tes and the S.D.Q – 20. I’ve taken the DES like 3 times and the highest score I’ve gotten is 30, … I took it and many questions were really spot on what actually is happening to me. Is there anywhere I can get the software to score it without been a member of ISSTD,maybe a torrent?. Anyways I will take the assesments and send them to this institute to see how it goes, but I’ll keep looking.

retrieved 01-31-14. PsychForums


Can You Help?

Postby Red Belle » Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:28 am

“Hello… I’ve been on here about a month now. I haven’t introduced myself very well yet. My name is Bella… and I’m not sure if I have DID yet. (Be careful reading past this point… I hate to hurt somebody…) I’ve had a stressed childhood, but only emotional abuse. … If you read this, thanks so much. I know you can’t make a professional diagnosis, but does it sound like it? Or should I start reading about something else?”

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Hello. I believe I have DID…

Postby Chessplayer » Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:53 am

Hi. My name is Chessplayer, and I am self diagnosed with DID. I know that a self diagnosis is no substitute for a real one, but I have read about DID on several websites, and the more I read, the more I am convinced that this is my condition.

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“Do you think i have a mpd?i”m not sure and i”m scared to ask.sometimes i can”t remember what i”m doing and it”s feels like i”m geting [sic] further away..i think i managed to notice it the first one was the original one the timid and anti social and the second was the easygoing ,fun and carefree tpye [sic] the tpye that caused trouble and the last one was the cold tpye  the tpye that wants to protect the original one…i don”t know what to do what do you think?”
The Experience Project retrieved 01-29-14.
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