Professional Journals Don’t Serve the Public, unless you can afford to purchase it

While the author “explains that a professional journal serves, in a measure, the general public” it is unfortunate that this practice of journal production choose not to continue to educate the public. Professional journals, in general, are not easily available and quite often require a subscription or an extensive library search. Many articles are available in PDF form which require a hefty price.

It is quite easy to bury opinions and studies from decades ago or simply claim to be unable to find them. -JB


Toward Unity

by Symonds, J. P.
Journal of Consulting Psychology, Vol 1(1), Jan 1937, 23-24. doi: 10.1037/h0051211


Publication of the first number of the Journal of Consulting Psychology is a timely occasion for directing attention to the attempts which have been made to establish a national association of professional psychology, because there is a significant relation between the aims envisioned by the early leaders in the organization movement and the functions which this journal will serve.

The author mentions the establishment of the American Association of Clinical Psychologists. Two years after the organization of this association the American Psychological Association adopted a report establishing the American Association of Clinical Psychologists as the Section of Clinical Psychology, whereupon the A. A. C. P became defunct. Subsequently, the New York State Association of Consulting Psychologists was formed. With the frequent expressed need for a publication to serve as a medium of communication The Consulting Psychologist was constructed, and then the present Journal of Consulting Psychology.

The author explains that a professional journal serves, in a measure, the general public as well as the profession it represents. It aids in the interpretation of professional service and assists the public and members of allied professions in the discrimination between services rendered by reputable psychologists and persons without professional qualifications.

The current journal is devoted to the publication of results of research having a bearing on the applications of psychology, short articles and communications relating to professional psychological service, reports of the activities of the Association of Consulting Psychologists, and other organized groups, information relating to resources available to the consultant, and critical reviews of recent literature.

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