Are Psychotherapists Fleeing the Law Following Discipline for Patient Endangerment?

The issue of psychotherapists continuing to practice after being disciplined, sued, or otherwise accused and found guilty of medical-malpractice and/or other egregious acts upon patients causing lasting physical and/or mental harm is mounting as is the concern of people contacting this blog.

We, as concerned citizens, want to know:

– Why are mental health-care providers permitted to practice psychotherapy without direct supervision of after being disciplined?

– Why are psychotherapists permitted to set-up practice in another jurisdiction following discipline, conviction of a crime against patients, or license revocation?

– What are state licensing boards in the United States, and worldwide, doing to stop these psychotherapists from the possibility of causing further harm?

– What are other Western countries doing about it?

– What are Asian countries doing about it?

– What are African countries doing about it?

– What is the United Kingdom doing about it?

– What is Canada doing about it?

– What is Australia doing about it?

– What are the peers of these mental health care providers doing to keep their colleagues in check?

– What are You doing about it?

The issues & concerns brought to this blog are from citizens worldwide. Some are former patients, some current patients, some are family members, teachers, psychotherapists and some come here and choose to be silent wanting to participate but for personal reasons do not.

We citizens are concerned that some psychotherapist/psychiatrists are hopping from state to state (in the USA) while others hop from country to country to continue practicing what is documented to have caused mental-health care consumers extreme and lifelong harm.

This is a partial list of psychotherapists who moved their practice after being accused and/or convicted of causing harm to patients and/or found guilty of medical malpractice and/or disciplined for the brand of psychotherapy they sell. If any of the information below is in error, please contact me immediately.

If you wish to add information to the list below, it must be accompanied by a link to factual data in the form of a legal case number, a complaint, a sworn affidavit, petition, assessment, statutory declaration, or other documentation to back up your statements. Thank you.


Bennet Braun, MD – practicing in Illinois, USA. Medical license revoked. Moved to Montana to practice.

Burgus v. Braun, Circuit Court, Cook County, Illinois (USA) Case Nos. 91L8493/91L8493

Complaint filed Nov. 16, 1993;

Second Amended Complaint, No. 93 L 14050, filed Aug. 8, 1994;

Third Amended Complaint, No. 91 L 8493, filed Nov. 2, 1994.

See also PBS Frontline, (11/1/95) “The Search for Satan,” producer Ofra Bikel.

Advertisement in Butte, Montana

“The Barden Letter” legislative movement to reform the mental health care system (unable to find direct link)


Colin Ross, MD – practicing in Canada. Disciplined. Moved to Texas, USA

Martha Ann Tyos v. Colin Ross M.D.

Affidavit of Roma Elizabeth Hart

  1. Affidavit of Roma E. Hart regarding Ross’s malpractice
  2. Sworn affidavit of George Bergen regarding suicide deaths in Dr. Ross’s care
  3. Martha Ann Tyo v. Ross, et al.
  4. Testimony of Thomas Brown regarding Ross’s implantation of false memories in his wife.
  5. Sworn affidavit of Robert Alexander Cowan attesting that Ross was fired from a Winnipeg Hospital.
  6. Dr. Harold Merskey’s assessment of Dr. Colin Ross’s malpractice upon Roma Hart
  7. Petition of the British False Memory Society seeking indictment of Dr. Colin Ross for violations of the Nuremburg Code
  8. Dr. Alexander Bodkin’s assessment of Dr. Colin Ross’s malpractice upon Roma Hart
  9. A list of Statutory Declarations attributing ruined lives to Dr. Ross’s clinical techniques

Thank you to Doug Mesner for the links above.


My former psychiatrist – practicing in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, USA was sued for malpractice & medical negligence. He settled 2 days before trial. He relocated to a different hospital affiliation @ the Institute of Pennsylvania, where Richard Kluft, MD (an MPD/DID expert) is, or once practiced.

I am bound by the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA not to disclose the name of the doctor or hospital.

Updated: 10-15-14.


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  1. Altus

     /  06/17/2012


    Hang in there. The field needs more rational people in it.



  2. Jessica

     /  06/17/2012

    I honestly never realized how far reaching and maladjusted a lot of the field was, so thank you in return for this site showing me to delve deeper into what i was going into.


    • You’re welcome, that’s what this blog is about and I’m glad you find it useful. I’m impressed with you and your integrity. You will be an asset to the mental health field.


  3. Jessica

     /  06/17/2012

    exam pretty much is just to see that you have memorized what the books said, they even removed the oral exam so now its just a written/computer based test of multiple choice and essay. I’ve been trying to track down a book to study for mine when i do i can give more of an idea of how the exam is. But yea at the time you can be a a social work, a counselor, or a psychologist. And thats the order they give you credit in social worker being considered lowest rung up thru psychologist being highest.


    • I’m going to ask my old-time social workers what licensure was like decades ago. This is a very distrubing piece of vital information for consumers. Appreciate your input – it is very valuable. Thanks for your interest and activism.


  4. Jessica

     /  06/17/2012

    that i don’t know. the only fee i’ll pay is to take my exam when i finish my courses. But if i wanted to be certified in new york to my only extra expenses would be to pay there state exam. The other interesting thing about an LPC license is you don’t ever need to take continuing education credits.


    • Ah gees, this is getting worse. What are the nuances of state exams? Why bother testing if not for getting payment for administrating it?

      That’s valuable information regarding LP licenses – that’s for a psychotherapist who is a “licensed practitioner” now I know it means nothing.



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