McMartin Preschool & the Child Sex Abuse Mass Hysteria

Manhattan Beach, California, USA. The trial of Mc Martin Preschool owners and teachers remains ground zero for the launching of mass hysteria surrounding alleged child sexual abuse in the mid-1980s. The case remains one of the most expensive trials in United States history weighing in at $15 million to taxpayers and resulting in zero evidence that any crimes occurred on the grounds of the Mc Martin preschool.

Although no evidence was found, several people spent years in prison based on the alleged crimes before all the investigations were concluded; They were subsequently released.

The Mc Martin preschool case remains a hot point of argument for many who continue to believe there was massive coverup of child sexual abuse of hundreds of children in California in spite of no forensic evidence to support that opinion.

Take a look at this case and erase the accusations of child abuse for the sake of argument. Doing so might take the sting out of thinking children were violated when indeed there is no evidence to support that position. What is left is contaminated interviewing by psychotherapists who aggressively counseled children whom they suspected were victims. You will find the whisper of scared parents questioning if their children were violated turn into a roar that inflated the accusations into improbable acts that were outlandish.

The link below is a video that revisits this memorable time in US history where hysteria blinded rational thinking.

New York Times: The Trial that Unleashed Hysteria Over Child Abuse

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