Testing Psychotherapy Treatments Before Selling Them to Patients

I have followed Michael D. Anestis, Ph.D.’s blog Psychotherapy Brown Bag: Discussing the Science of Clinical Psychology that he started publishing while a graduate student. Dr. Anestis uses his education and skills to “take esoteric psychology studies, translate them into laymen terms, and disseminate those findings to a broad audience so that the gap between science and the general public could shrink a bit.  Much of the work on that site is devoted to describing research on treatments for mental illness and, over the years, [he] developed a passion for discussing the evidence base for specific treatments.”

In a recent article, The importance of testing treatments for mental illness before we sell them, he discusses music therapy and his opinion about the need to test treatments before practitioners sell it to people needing mental health intervention. Passion about music therapy is not a substitute for the need to use science to test its effectiveness.

What patients experience while in treatment for Dissociative Identity Disorder AKA multiple personalities, is therapy largely based on the clinical experience of psychotherapists rather than an exhaustive body of evidence-based science showing the effectiveness of the treatment. Instead of recovery, many patients remain in therapy for decades and sometimes a lifetime.

Time to wake up The Psychology Industry and demand safe, effective, and science based medical interventions for people needing mental health care.

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