“Doubtful News” Meets Multiple Personalities & Dissociative Identity Disroder Doesn’t Exist

This post is inspired from the website Doubtful News. It is a site dedicated to “unique news feed providing links to original sources of internet news stories about things that make you go “Hmm…”

I’ve been following the book discussion on the recent publication of Twenty Two Faces by Judy Byington. The book, according to the author, is a true account of a woman tortured as a child by neighborhood pedophiles, satanists involved in ritual abuse, school children who repeatedly rape her, incest, failed marriages, psychiatric hospitalizations, and lastly multiple personalities. The protagonist, Jenny Hill, is visited by God who instructs her to keep a diary of her experiences. In subsequent visits, God tells Jenny that the written account of her life will become a published book that will help others. Fair enough.

The discussions on the Amazon.com book review section makes it perfectly clear that readers of Twenty Two Faces are split into two camps. One group, identify as survivors of abuse and torture similar to Jenny Hill’s; the other group is skeptical and critical of both Jenny Hill’s narrative and statements made by the author, Judy Byington. I’ll let you read the discussion for further details.

I was cruising topics and discussions on the James Randi Educational Foundation website this morning and articles on cognitive dissonance grabbed my attention and prompted me to offer you opportunities to read about the thoughts and beliefs of others to see what you think. We all believe our perceptions of the world are correct – thus making everyone else wrong – so let’s take a look at news that some think is preposterous – and others believe is true – so we can use the information to enhance discussions about multiple personalities & Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Cognitive dissonance explains how our brains and emotions struggle with opposing views and how we go about rectifying the discomfort it brings.

This post is offered as a tool to examine our thoughts and emotions and as an educational opportunity to learn why we fight to make our beliefs right regarding multiple personalities and Dissociative Identity Disorder – a topic and psychiatric diagnosis that continues to be controversial.

From the Doubtful News website:

Helping you decide …

           Can you really believe this stuff?

“Doubtful News is a unique news feed providing links to original sources of internet news stories about things that make you go “Hmm…”  News is pulled from a wide range of sources including paranormal and anti-science sources. Categories of news include: alt med/anti-vax, cryptozoology, hauntings, paranormal, UFOs, psychics, questionable claims, superstition, and money-making schemes, among others. Information about paranormal and skeptic personalities is also included, good news and bad.

Posts are primarily written with a skeptical bent, providing brief commentary and some background, encouraging readers to seek out the source and inquire for themselves.


1. Be the one-stop source of breaking news of interest to critical thinkers. There are a lot of topics gaining attention in circles you may not be aware of.

2. Be first or really fast to deliver something you may not find on your own. The DN format, with multiple updates daily, allows for stories to be posted days ahead of their appearance in larger outlets..

3. Provide the alternate view from a credulous media. The theme woven through the stories is that critical thinking is essential when consuming media or products and for understanding what is going on in the world. …

4. We’d like to be a place where all views are welcome. Thoughtful comments between people who disagree spark new ideas and realizations that promote better understanding. ..


originally posted 12-12-12

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  1. Not sure of your opinion on Dissociative identity disorder, but it does exist. I know this because I’m going through it now. I got to your page bylooking up “Do No Harm TV and Dissociation”. My father and I were watching the office when Do No Harm came on. I don’t know anyone with DID who has an alter that comes out at the same time everynight. Usually alters have to be triggered for some reason to come out. Plus it was ridiculous to see him falling over in pain because he was about to switch. I wish switching was that noticeable. Sometimes you do get body sensation but very rarely are those body sensation so noticeable and disturbing that you bend over n pain and start sweating. They are usually like a little itch here or there, or a headache, or you feel like you are being pushed to te back of your body or perhaps you just start to feel woozy. But many times you DON’t get a heads up. The trigger occurs and you just SWITCH…Just like that. When you come back sometimes you realize time has passed, sometimes you don’t. It is an awful disorder to have and I hate it. But I have it and I am working on acceptance of it.

    Anyway, just wanted to put in my two sense. if you are interested in learning more, I am always open to answering questions on my personal website LiteralGemini.blogspot.com. Come by and visit some time….


    • Jeannette Bartha

       /  02/02/2013

      Welcome, Literal Gemini and thank you for expressing your opinions and experiences.

      Yes, TV and movies always exaggerate multiple personality symptoms and expression.

      I don’t believe the phenomenon of multiple personalities exists. I was diagnosed and thought I had it as you do. Our experiences are similar.

      Is it possible that you are indeed dissociating and that accounts for the bodily sensations? Why call those experiences multiple personalities or alter personalities?



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