Trauma & Dissociation Project: Uses deceit following complaints of using hate-speech for political gain

Update 04-26-2014: The issue below was resolved. The offending post was removed.

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4-29-14.  It is unclear whether or not posts on this website are being rewritten & reposted or if there were multiple posts giving false information.



Trauma & Dissociation Project: Revises and Reposts Offensive Post Following Complaints to WordPress

Update 04-28-2014: We are dealing with a deceitful blogger who, following complaints to the web host WordPress, revised and reposted the same lies after removing the post that WordPress found to be against their terms and conditions. They replaced the child giving “the finger” it with this image “hate crime”. This is the link to the revised version here.

Let’s get the False Memory group listed as a hate group.


They attack abused children and protect their abusers. They also attack educators that try and teach correct academia.  They have been around a long time and have done a heck of a lot of damage.  They are bullies!


Original post from this blog:

Trauma & Dissociation Project: Uses image of child in profane manner for political gain

Using the image of a child giving “the finger” to make a point, is profane. For non-US readers, giving the finger as this child is doing in the photo, means “fuck you”. The Trauma & Dissociation Project is abusing the image of this child and calling to action your vote to call another group, the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, a hate group.

I cannot tolerate lying. I hope you can’t either. Listing the False Memory Syndrome Foundation as a hate group is an abuse of the system set up to tag hate groups.

It is nothing more than an opinion about the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. Visit their website and you’ll find the leading researchers in the world are on the Advisory Board.

False Memory Syndrome Foundation  website

Shame on you, Trauma & Dissociation Project.



Original post by Trauma & Dissociation:

Trauma & Dissociation Project

You can help stop child abuse

You can help stop child abuse

A quote by Kallena Kucers

The science has proven years and years ago that they are stored and remembered totally differently to ‘normal, non-traumatic memories’ but many blatantly ignore that this research actually exists. The whole story of ‘false memory syndrome’ is a MYTH to discredit real experience.

The post above was removed following a complaint that this blogger is stirring hate-speech. The blogger decided to be deceitful and revised and reposted a similar post found here. A second complaint was made requesting the entire site be shut down for providing misinformation and lies to the public.



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