Healthy Food Choices for Alleviating Symptoms of Multiple Personality Disorder

Although the title of this article seems overly simplistic, it addresses nutrition which is sorely lacking among people diagnosed and treated for dissociative identity disorder/multiple personalities largely due to a frequent inability to care for oneself.

I wish it was this easy.  Since potent psychiatric drugs are usually ordered to alleviate symptoms, food is unlikely to be the focus on increasing health. If nutrition increases, perhaps many patients will feel better and look at their treatment differently.


Multiple Personality Disorder

June 24th, 2012

 What one eats is a daily activity that literally determines a body’s makeup. The body affects the mind, and as multiple personality disorder is a disease of the mind, nutrition is a good place to look for a cure. This article will provide tips for improving nutrition as well as general multiple personality disorder information.

…When the body is starved for nutrients it is an uphill battle to cure the mind.

I… Try making a vegetable smoothie or cooking vegetables with meat to  get started. For multiple personality disorder, eating dark-green leafy vegetables will invigorate the body with iron and other lesser found nutrients.

Some great fruits and vegetables are

  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • kiwi
  • blackberries

… “Curing multiple personality disorder requires a holistic approach. Neglecting the body neglects the mind.

This article should not be viewed as expert medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider for treatment.”

Retrieved 06/28/12.

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  1. Miles Renolds

     /  04/30/2014

    I think this author needs to become educated on the subject before pretending to know about it.


  2. Some Bloke

     /  07/10/2012

    Actually, I don’t think this is particularly goofy! I think it’s an excellent point, and one that is often overlooked.
    I made the decision to stop taking the vast amounts of psychiatric medication they had been forcing on me, and once my head had cleared enough to be able to think in a straight line again I realised that for the first time in my life I was obese, and desperately unhealthy.
    I am not saying diet is the cure all for DID, but in collaboration with everything else it makes a positive difference.
    It was a combination of diet, excercise and positive, logical thinking that got (and to be honest still gets) me through.


    • I will go back and edit my comments on this article because I, too, don’t think this idea is goofy. When I first read the title, I chuckled because most arguments to not look at a simplistic answer or “cure” if you will, to the malady of having multiple personalities.

      I add that nutrition and exercise is what returned me to mental health and allowed me to see how absurd my therapy was and how erroneous my memories were.

      Appreciate your comment.



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