England: How false memory of abuse almost destroyed Maxines young life

Yorkshire Evening Post

by Paul Jeeves

FOR years Maxine Berry thought her happy childhood memories of playing with her father were a cruel trick of her imagination as her brain blocked out memories of his abuse.

A psychologist told her how the man she knew as “Daddy” had subjected her to ritualistic abuse. She also believed he had committed murder as a grand wizard of the Klu Klux Clan.

Maxine, of Harehills, Leeds, was finally found to be suffering from False Memory – an illness that affects over 1,600 Britons.

It was a chance remark to an American hospital therapist that plunged her into despair, led to a suicide attempt and caused her to undergo sterilisation.

Maxine was prescribed a cocktail of drugs and hypnotised once or twice a week to help to ‘recover’ her lost memory.

It was only while watching a Discovery Channel programme about False Memory that the penny dropped for Maxine and she decided to confront her father, of Ossett, Wakefield.

Full story here

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