Directory: Videos About Multiple Personalities and Dissociative Identity Disorder

This is a directory of videos about multiple personalities, dissociative identity disorder, and related subjects that anyone can find on the Internet.

Some videos feature mental health professionals; some feature people who believe they have the disorder. Likewise, some videos are news broadcasts aired by major networks in the United States while others are amateur videographers.

Permission to link to professionally produced videos not obtained, therefore, only the YouTube title is provided. Readers wishing to view the films need to search YouTube by the titles provided below.

This directory is for informational purposes only. This blogger produced none of the videos listed and does not refute or support them.


America Undercover  Multiple Personality Disorder – amazing stories – “Gretchen”  Part 1/5  by MissPressPlay  Retrieved 01-20-13.

“Gretchen” Multiple Personality Disorder – amazing stories – Part 2/5, shows 4-point physical restraint. (1992) Retrieved 10-20-13.

Course Title Concept 7: Multiple Personality Disorder. Features Paul McHugh, M.D. (Johns Hopkins University, USA), Richard Kluft , M.D., PhD, Hershel Walker (football legend).

DID/MPD Vlogs: Intro by Mosaix Nebula. You Tube video removed & labeled “private”

INSiDE short film Directed by Trevor Sands. You Tube Title: Inside short film.

DID/MPD Blogs: Alter Roles

Dissociative Identity Disorder: It is very real ** Caution!

HBO documentary featuring patient, Gretchen. You Tube Title: Multiple Personality Disorder – Documentary. No permission to publish, therefore, link not provided.

Oprah Show, You Tube Title: Jewish Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor. Owner of video likely Harpo Studios. link not provided.

The Mom Series

Oprah Show 1990 featuring Trudi Chase, You Tube Title: MPD/DID With Truddi Chase. Owner of video likely Harpo Studios. link not provided.

Woman with 15 personaltiies

Full-length film. You Tube Title: Voices Within – The Lives of Truddi Chase.

My Jamie teaching MPD and DID  Retrieved 01-20-13.

I am more than D.I.D and trauma **Triggering** by WeAreSurreal  Retrieved 01-20-13.

Margo The Extraordinary – Multiple PersonalitiesFeaturning Dr. David Speigel, Retrieved 01-20-13

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  1. Anonymous

     /  12/02/2012

    I have to agree with you. That board owner is a crazy person who treats people like they are part of a cult. If you join that board you can’t post any place else. She and her moderators spy on you to make sure you don’t go any place else. I am not sure exactly what I did, but I was banned. When I asked why I got a huge email telling me how I hurt her feelings, that I wasn’t her friend, and basically that I was the crazy one. Well she hurt me really bad. I almost ended up in the hospital because how her email made me feel. I spent a lot of time in therapy working on all the damage she did to me. She claims that she is open and supportive. I don’t think so. Anyone who spies on you and then breaks down all your confidence is dangerous. don’t go there. do not join that group.


    • Hello, Anonymous. I’m sorry to hear you had such a bad experience – which site are you talking about? Unfortunately, what you had to deal with is common in these forums.

      I hope in the future you find a way to keep yourself safe from being hurt and learn to react differently. Someone’s harsh words was a cause of you nearly being hospitalized? Not OK, Anonymous.


  2. I believe that post was made by tylas rather than Felicity. She is rather straightforward about things. Felicity is a bit more subtle. You are attacking the wrong person Jeanette. I will let tylas know you are copying her posts on your site.

    Re: Dr. Phill & a DID
    by tylas Fri May 11, 2012 1:30 pm

    wrote:They is a Whacko site sending people here to follow this story.


  3. What are you rambling about? I have nothing at all to do with psychforums, do not post there, and have no clue what you are talking about. I assumed that you were banned from there because of what you posted here.

    I posted a link to my video for people to watch. I ask kindly that you now remove it from your blog – you don’t have to do anything, of course – just a request. I have never posted a link to this blog anywhere. I do constant google searches for our board, my name, etc. and find it here. I never even heard of you until I came across copyright infringements here through a google search.

    You are continuing to copy posts from not only the Dr. Phil forum, but from Psych Forums –

    I don’t have time for you, don’t care to be associated with you, and don’t understand why you act as though I have. If you have a ‘quote’ somewhere that demonstrates I have in anyway insulted you – as you contend, please share it –

    Otherwise, please – try to keep your rantings on some other topic – besides me – okay?

    Again, I only request that you remove my video from your blog. I just don’t want my name associated with yours’ – understood?


  4. ummm – can you please remove my video from your list of youtube links? I do not care to come here again and ask that you leave me alone – okay? I have stated how I feel about your ‘ways’ and don’t want to be associated with you at all. You know which one it is. Thanks again for your attention to this.


    • @ Felicity:

      I maintain this blog as a tool of information to those seeking mental health care, yes I take issue with DID therapy but not with those who want to engage in it. I have no need or desire to intentionally harm anyone or to participate in conversations like this one.

      It’s difficult to know how to handle your threats. You post your blog links all over the Internet inviting people to come there. Either you want people to visit your blogs or you don’t.

      I am defamed all the time by people who come to my blog. There are many posts on Psych Forums calling me “wacko” and then putting up a link sending them to my blog… which I appreciate by the way. Psych Forums banned me for just saying that multiple personalities don’t exist yet they have no qualms with libeling me. I, on the other hand, have engaged in no such behavior.

      I do not like what is transpiring between us. It is ridiculous and sophomoric, but I think it necessary to let readers know what is transpiring elsewhere on the Internet. Until now, I have held this information to myself.

      Here is what you posted on Dr. Phil’s website

      Dissociative Identity Disorder Overview
      Replied By: felicity4us2 on May 12, 2012, 7:41PM
      Here is a link to a video that I made

      (by JB: I removed the link to your video)

      Just copy it into your address bar – there is basic information taken from reliable sources on the video.

      This is too small of a forum to learn everything about Dissociative Identity Disorder. If anyone is truly interested in learning more, please also visit (Ivory Garden DID Support Group) where you will find sources, sites, blogs, support forums, resources, and books. There is also private live chat and discussion forums – I will make myself available for questions from folks who are curious about DID. You will find my private email on the Ivory Gardens Website.

      The information is there – people who struggle with dissociation are not fakers, or attention seekers, but people just like everyone else. You would ‘all’ know this to be true if you opened your minds to common sense.

      Here is what is published several times by different people on another Internet forum. I have removed all identifying and personal information of the writer.

      Re: Dr. Phill & a DID
      by xxxxx » Fri May 11, 2012 1:30 pm

      wrote:They is a Whacko site sending people here to follow this story. … ch-forums/

      Thanks for that link, xxxxx. I felt compelled to create an account and comment. The whole “DID is created by therapists” argument is so passé, I had to try to counter that assumption.



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