Ohio, USA: Is a Workshop in Advances Techniques in Treating Dissociative Disorders Responsible?

Dublin Counseling Center offered continuing education credits, required by mental health practitioners so they can keep licensure – referred to as continuing education credits. The objectives of this workshop are listed below.  Absent from the list is the decades long controversy surrounding the diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder or the fact that the treatment has repeatedly shown that patient harm has been sustained.

If you have questions as to why Dublin Counseling Center is offering continuing education credits for such a controversial diagnosis, contact:

Questions regarding registration or logistics, contact Mary Ann Lewandowski via email at mal@syntero.org. or  614.273.2951


Advanced Techniques in Treating Complex Trauma & Dissociative Disorders

Posted January 21, 2014

Presented by: Helen Hill, LISW-S & Cheri Kerr, PCC-S

Objectives: Participants will learn

  • Grounding/mindfulness, internal communication and internal cooperation
  • Managing problematic alter activity
  • Affect modulation, self-soothing and self care
  • Dealing with eating issues unique to this population
  • Discerning and intervening with ego state issues
  • Helping the clinician, and therefore the client, understand and intervene with the internal system

Workshop Fee: $125

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