Research: Hypnosis and Memory: Two Hundred Years of Adventures and Still Going!


Giuliana Mazzoni1 Email for, Jean-Roch Laurence2, Michael Heap3

1Department of Psychology, University of Hull
2Department of Psychology, Concordia University
3Department of Psychology, University of Sheffield

Journal of Psychology of Consciousness: Theory , Research, and Practice

Volume 1, Number 2 / June 2014


One of the most persistent beliefs about hypnosis is its ability to transcend mnemonic abilities. This belief has paved the way to the use of hypnosis in the clinical and legal arenas. The authors review the phenomena of hypnotic hypermnesia, pseudo-memories, and amnesia in light of current knowledge of hypnosis and memory. The investigation of the relation between hypnosis and memory processes has played an important role in our understanding of memory in action. Hypnosis provides a fertile field to explore the social, neuropsychological, and cognitive variables at play when individuals are asked to remember or to forget their past. We suggest promising avenues of research that may further our knowledge of the building blocks of memories and the mechanisms that leads to forgetfulness.

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