**Trigger Warning** What the heck is that?

***Trigger Warnings*** are caution signs usually found at the top of a message in an Internet forum.

It is a heads-up to people disclosing that what they are about to read may be offensive. More to the point, a trigger warning is meant to tell the reader that by continuing to read the post they may have an emotional reaction, sometimes an unforeseeable post-traumatic response.

In the multiple personality & dissociative identity disorder community it is believed, and often assumed, that the reader may find the post upsetting to a particular personality or personalities and unexpectedly cause flashbacks – usually referring to sexual or ritual abuse.

The warning is there to avert an abreaction (a reliving of the trauma) or other behaviors or thoughts that may require medical an/or psychological intervention.

In theory, this seems like a helpful and kind thought. In reality, many of the posts are read anyway and the comments that follow are comments and discussions about how the triggers embedded in the text of the post injured the reader.

Instead of acting like a caution sign, it is often a “read this” advertisement.
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  1. Trigger warnings are rife.

    For instance the ‘Geek Feminist Wiki’ – http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/Trigger_warning has an individual definition for Trigger Warnings;


    ‘Trigger warnings are customary in some feminist and other spaces. They are designed to prevent people who have an extremely strong and damaging emotional response (for example, post-traumatic flashbacks or urges to harm themselves) to certain subjects from encountering them unaware. Having these responses is called “being triggered”.’

    In the US and UK (and Australia and Canada – indeed all of the English-speaking Western countries) the MPD and Recovered Memory Movement was heavily promoted in the 1990s not just by therapists, but also by religious fundamentalists and the feminist community.

    Gloria Steinem was one of the leading proponents, not just of MPD (DID) and RMT, but also of the satanic ritual abuse myth. And not by a little mention somewhere – her 1993 HBO documentary with Michael Mierendorf ‘Multiple Personalities: The Search for Deadly Memories’ was just one instance of her avid support. Paying $1000 dollers to contribute to the search for the McMartin ‘secret tunnels’ another.

    But her absolute clear-cut looniness became clear in her expressed and lengthy work in her 1993 book ‘Revolution from Within’ when she determined that MPD ‘survivors’ have special abilities, including pyschic abilities.

    The Web page http://www.astraeasweb.net/plural/steinem.html has a selection of these beliefs, taken from Gloria Steinems book, together with a useful trigger warning – ‘don’t drink anything while you’re reading or it’ll be all over your screen.’

    Here’s a quick selection from Gloria’s work;

    ‘ — call up your body’s somatic memory of everything that has happened to it with such clarity that “ghosts” of past wounds and bruises reappear on your skin in minutes, and then slowly disappear as you leave the memory;

    — activate visions of a past or future state of health so powerful that they can speed the healing of current wounds, measurably strengthen the immune system, and give you access at any time to the superhuman abilities usually reserved for emergencies;

    — adjust your eyesight to nearsighted, farsighted, or normal, depending on your task, with such physical impact on the eye’s curvature that an optometrist examining you would write you an entirely different lens prescription;

    –change voice depth and timbre, mannerisms, grammar, accent, facial muscle patterns, body language, physical style, and even darken the color of your eyes — so totally that an unwitting observer would assume you to be of a different ethnicity, age, race, class, or gender from one moment to the next;’

    “What we haven’t even begun to consider, however, is what would happen if the rest of us could acquire for positive reasons the abilities these accidental prophets have learned for negative ones. If such extraordinary abilities can be summoned to help survive the worst of human situations, they are also there to create the best. What if we could harness this unbelievable potential of body and mind?

    “It’s quite common, for example, for women to contain one or more personalities who conceive of themselves as male and behave convincingly as males, and for men to have one or several personalities who seem completely female in every way except the biological one. What if we could each gain access to the full range of human qualities that lie suppressed within us?

    “Clearly, the list of human abilities with which this discussion of MPD began is only a hint of the real possibilities. People in different alters can change every body movement, perfect a musical or linguistic talent that is concealed to the host personality, have two or even three menstrual cycles in the same body [Why on earth would anyone want that?] and handle social and physical tasks of which they literally do not think themselves capable. We need to face one fact squarely. What the future could hold, and what each of us could become, is limited mainly by what we believe.”


    Yep. How useful would it be if everyone was ‘multiple’ – every child perhaps? Just so we could have those special abilities MPD ‘survivors’ have – especially the psychic ones?

    Luckily a nut-job like Gloria Steinem is going to be kept well away from anyone of any importance. For instance there’s no chance the Secret Service would let her near The President or First Lady.

    Oh, hang on.



    • I know first hand about Gloria Steinem’s opinions about multiple personalities. She hired a journalist in the early 1990s to look into the retraction of abuse memories et al. The journalist asked permission to quote me.

      Steinem didn’t like the results of what the journalist was finding and refused to allow it to be published in MS. Magazine.

      Any word of Gloria’s opinions these days?

      Appreciate the links.


    • Well, Steinem has done much for women’s rights. Unfortunately on the sexual abuse craze she got caught up in it too. Unfortunately, she has not had the desire to revisit her mistakes and make it right to show women that they can be wrong, take responsibility for it, and move forward.

      It would be a huge lesson and a tremendous example on how to behave.



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