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Dr. Phil re-airs: “My Husband, My Kids, and My Multiple Personalities”

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Last year a person or persons with multiple personalities complained to wordpress about a post of mine that said multiple personalities don’t exist and I think I also put a link to her blog.

Therefore, I am permanently banned from PsychForums. This is what Psych Forums posts when I try to sign-in:

You have been permanently banned from this board..

Reason given for ban: Being very disrespectful to people with DID by saying it does not exist

Seems to me that Psych Forums should have said I was censored from speaking on their website because I don’t agree with them.


Dr. Phil’s website advertizement for people to be on the show. The quote below is from the Dr. Phil website.

Living with Multiple Personalities?

Are you or someone you know struggling with multiple personality disorder, otherwise known as dissociative identity disorder?  Does your family not understand?  Or maybe you haven’t told them about it? Are you comfortable switching between your different personalities? 


Although I think multiple personalities are fabrications and a dance between therapist and client rendering them a product of therapy, to exploit patients is not OK. The show has not yet aired where I live so I wait before making further comments.

After viewing: Dr. Phil did a good job bringing reality into the show by pointing out inconsistencies in statements made by alter personalities, by showing the long, long list of medications Tracy has been on and by educating her that there are usually more than one diagnosis for a mental illness, thus suggestion and encouraging her to seek other avenues of treatment. Hopefully she will take advantage of the treatment center he offered.

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  1. Because to cut and paste from that forum is a violation of copyright? Or, because no one cares to debate with you, because, as happens with those who behave in a disrespectful manner, people ignore them and their requests? Because, you are banned from that forum? Possibly, people would rather attend to and give attention to folks who are ‘trying’ to heal who support others – rather than being buried in transference attacking everyone else, as you are. You will not gain the attention you are seeking with your negativity from anyone who is not stuck in that same lost boat you are in.

    I did not write the post that you took off Psych Forums – although, I did find it. Why would you want to pick me out of the blue and decide that I wrote that – when there it clearly states that someone else did – and then, to attack me and my good name? Please don’t answer – rhetoric question –


    • @Felicity, I know you did not write the post on Psych Forums. Go back and re-read what I wrote. I also deleted the name of the commenter to protect their privacy.

      Again, the first paragraph below has many errors and distortions of events.


  2. A.C.

     /  05/14/2012

    I never said YOUR site was damaging to anyone, I was trying to say your actions on psychforums was disrespectful and damaging. Other options are wonderful for those who need other options, however there are many who have found the dx of DID to work for them and are on the road to a full recovery. Having a community where they can feel safe and unjudged is important. When people post negitive remarks it can be damaging, and will only hinder their recovery. I only feel there was a better less negitive way to express your opinion and show them other options in a more positive way. Maybe start off by saying something like “In my expirence DID was not correct and it nearly cost me my life, and I wanted to show people there are other options that are worth looking into.” Much more respectful then flat out telling people it doesn’t exsist period. I my self have been too several different therapist for second and third opinions. I do keep each dx in my mind. And sought out treatment that I felt would work best. And so far the treatments provided by my trama therapist is the only one that has gotten any sort of results. I have come along way with this and since nothing else has worked for me I have continued to believe in it and am doing much better because of it.


    • A.C. You have got to be kidding. Just because I gave my opinion that multiple personalities don’t exist – that was disrespectful and damaging?

      That type of statement is exactly what therapy for DID/MPD teaches. Any opinions, questions, statements that do not comply with DID theories are viewed as hurtful and not tolerated. That type of thinking in and of itself is damaging and disrespectful because it takes the power from the patient and strips them of their natural ability to be resilient.

      Stating an opinion is not disrespectful or inherently damaging.

      I’ve asked over and over for someone to cut and past the disrespectful comments I’ve made on PsychForums and No one can do so – because it didn’t happen.

      Gees, I hardly know what to say anymore. DID therapy it’s a closed-loop system where there is an answer for every question and anyone who dares to ask a dissenting question or state an objection to a concept is somehow an abuser. This is simply not so and damaging to patients who buy into these beliefs.

      I am glad for you that you found something that works for you. It didn’t work for me . . it nearly killed me.


  3. Can you at least get one thing through your head please!




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