Directory: Dissociative Identity Disorder & Multiple Personality Blogs, Websites, Support Groups, Forums, & Discussions.

Below are websites written by people who support the existence of multiple personalities & the diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder and related topics such as: dissociation, repressed memories, delayed recall, massive repression, internal family systems, parts therapy, the non-existence of false memory, and related topics.

There is no disrespect intended to people who own these blogs and websites. This list was compiled to encourage readers to seek other opinions on issues and conversations presented on this blog.

The blogs and website owners listed below have the option of making their sites private and/or password protected; many have opted not to do so, therefore making their sites open to interested parties.

This list enables you to learn about the lifestyle, thought processes, and beliefs related to multiple personalities and Dissociative Identity Disorder.

I do not endorse or support any site listed below, nor do I condemn anyone for holding whatever beliefs they choose.

An elementary Internet search using Google groups, Yahoo groups, bing or other search engines will offer you the same information listed below. This list was compiled to offer you a short-cut to your quest for public information related to Dissociative Identity Disorder & multiple personalities.

These websites change constantly and every effort is made to keep it up to date.

22 Faces

2012 The Awakening

Abuse-Survivors – Google group, closed membership

A Canvas of the Minds

A Survivors Thoughts on Life

A Song of Life

A Survivors Thoughts on Life

All Psych, Alejandra Swartz

Alter Meets God the Father

Alternate Sources of Light

Alter Meets God the Father

An Infinite Mind

Ann’s Multiple World of Personality

Apart from Normal

Aspergers the Alien

Basic Information on Dissociative Identity Disorder

Being Emily Living Plural, Now private (update 01/08/13)

Bipolar Disorder – Living with it. No longer blogging (update 01/08/13)

Bongo is Me

Brett Jolly

Buffalopines Blog

Candycan and Co.: Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder

Chaos and Control

Christ the Healer Ministries

Christian Forums

Clinically Clueless

Coming Out of the Trees

Community: Wizard 

Confessions of a Madwoman

Confessions of a Sex Addict in Recovery

Containing Multitudes 

Coping with Dissociation

Coping with dissociative identity disorder– message board

Cosmopolitan Magazine, United Kingdom

Covenant Warriors Ministries 

Crazy in the Coconut

Daily Strength: Multiple Personality Support Group

Dawn Awakening: Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder in Australia

Delightfully Scattered Thoughts

Dichotomistic logic


DID Awareness, Ashley’s Blog (Now private, update 01/08/12)

DID World Map

Discussing Dissociation, Kathy Broady LCSW

Dissociative Disorders

courtesy extended, link removed by request 02-27-13

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder Blog moved

Dissociative Identity Disorder and Me, Candycan & Co.

Dissociative Personality Disorder – Everythin you ever wanted to know about it

Don’t Call Me Sybil: Dehumanizing & Demystifying Dissociative Identity Disorder – Holly Gray – now private, update 11-26-13

Downward Spiral into the vortex, renamed 11-23-13 Downward Spiral

DP Self-Help Depersonalization Community

Dissociation Link – Australia

Dr. Deborah  renamed Dr. Deb Psychological Perspectives 11-26-13

Dr. M. Kay  11-23-13  renamed Dissociative Identity Disorder Blog by Kay L. Schlagel

Inside Voices

International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation (ISST-D)

Into the Mind defunct, update 11-23-13.

Ivory Garden

Jeff: Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder

Jenny Sawlee defunct, updated 11-23-13

Journey of the Broken Pieces: Healing through life with dissociative identity disorder

Just Answer – chat forum

Just Call Me Frank

Kate is Rising

Kim Noble

Leslie’s Illusions

Life, Multiplied: Dissociative Identity Disorder, personified

Life’s a Committee

Life with Dissociative Identity Disorder

Like a Bird on a Wire  –  Private

Live-Natural – discussions

Living Multiple

Living with Bipolar Disorder, DID, and Childhood Abuse

Living Successfully with DID

Lost in a Fog

Lost Shadow Child’s Blog

Lothlorien: Healing Dissociative Identity Disorder

Loving My DID Girls – link may not connect   defunct, update  11-26-13

Loving Someone with DID   defunct  update, 11-26-13

Many Answers – New Zealand

Me, Myself and I – Name change to  Moodswings, Musings & Mania

Memoir of a Redemptive Life

Mental Political Parent,  defunct  update, 11-26-13

Missing in Sight

Moodswings, Musings and Mania

More Heads

Multiple Moments of Me

Multiple Personality – Google Groups

Multiple Personality Disorder Cure, Symptoms, & Information defunct update, 11-26-13

Multiple Voices: Christian Support Group for MPD/DID – renamed Multiple Voices

Multiplicity: The Missing Manual

My Anime List

My Clouds, My Storms & Multiple Personality Disorder

My Hidden Faces

My Thoughs On/In Dissociatiative Identity Disorder

Myriad Musings: A day in the life of a multiple

Neorlan, defunct update, 01-08-13

New Landscape: MPD/DID


Nimble Books, defunct, update 01-08-13.

Nothing in My Noggin

Nurse Deborah Wesson

OCD site

Our LIfe with MPD/DID

Pandora’s Project

Pavillion: Voices of Plurality in Action

Peace Pink

Personality Cafe

Protect Your Joys

Psych Central

Raven CV. Brook  defunct update, 11-26-13.

Rehab Info 

Resolving Memories of Childhood Abuse – renamed 11-26-13

Ritual Abuse

Robert Lindsay, Beyond Highbrow

Rose Roars, Child Sexual Abuse Survivor & DID/MPD  

Solene’s Blog  (private)

SIAD Stuck in a Doorway 

Sarah K. Reece, Holding My Childhood to Ransom, poetry, art, writing, mental health, life 

Sarah Tun A Life Examined

Sarah Take (private)

Scattered Pieces – defunct, update 11-23-13.

Science Clarified: Multiple personality disorder  

Seasons Change, and so Have I

Seeing Through Multiple Eyes

Sensuous Amberville

Shades of Ivory

Shadow Light’s Blog

Shape Shifters: Living with Dissociation – defunct update 11-23-13.

Silent Symphony

Six Billion Secrets defunct update 11-23-13.

Social Anxiety Support Forum

Straight Dope – The Straight Dope

Stephanie’s Safehavenl

Stuart Hayashi: BPD Awareness

Stuff Red Said, defunct, update 11-23-13.

Sunshine & Shadows Life with DID

Survivor Forum, defunce update 05/14/12. Try searching Kathy Broady or

Suzy-LivingSucessfully with DID,   renamed Living Successfully  11-23-13

Sybil’s Friend

Tattooed Multiple’s Waffle

The Beehive 27, name change, update 11-23-13,  Between the Minds – The Beehive

The little survivor No longer found, update 01-08-13.

The Multiplicity of Me, Now private, update 01/08/13.

The Natural Recovery Plan

The Orchestra, defunct update, 01/08/13.

The People Behind My Eyes

The Search for Clarity

The Soulful Heart Maps

Third of a Lifetime, Sarah E. Olson

Through My Eyes  defunct update, 11-23-13.

Twenty Two Faces by Judy Byington

Trauma & Dissociation

Trauma to Treasure

Uncommon Forum, name change, 11-23-13  Uncommon Knowledge

Undercoverdid’s Blog

Voices of Glass  defunct, update 11-23-13.

Vwoop Vwoop: Empty Memories

We Are One

What it’s like to live with multiple personality disorder?

What to Do About Me and D.I.D

Web MD 

Wild Minds


Why Not: dissociative degu?

You Might be a Multiple if …


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  1. scienerf,

    I am a journalist, albeit an amateur one, and work within the guidelines of journalism. When requested, I remove links from this blog although I have no responsibility to do so. That, scienerf, is another point I will rethink – I need to ask myself why I bother to respond to requests to remove information from this blog?

    Bloggers have issues with privacy? Then they should not make their blogs public.

    The public has a right to educate themselves and to have easy access to information without having to conduct lengthily Internet searches. Many consumers of mental health care, and their families, have suffered grave injury because information was not available or buried in places they could not find or access.

    I rethink: why do people like you prefer to have information buried on the Internet? What are they hiding? Why do people publish information and then cry foul when it is exposed?

    What I rethink on a daily basis is why people come to this blog and ask questions and make requests in the most vile ways – or threaten to do so as you did. If your comment wasn’t full of snarky remarks and innuendo, perhaps I, my readers, would take you and your remarks seriously. Because you are unable to leave a comment that is free of such nonsense, how do you expect people to respond? You ask for what you are unwilling to give.

    Be clear: I am not concerned about, nor take responsibility for, your feelings when reporting on mental health issues.

    You are invited to return with all the venom you seem to be holding back. Let the world know the real you. Be advised that I may choose to not respond.


  2. Stuff I Said,

    Your blog is not in the Directory.


  3. Thank you Innerlight, I will change the name of your blog as soon as possible.

    I welcome you to join in our discussions and debates. JB


  4. Thanks for the link, Roma.

    The fact that other people don’t find them useful is a shame. It addresses your stance on education and being a life-long student. When people offer links, the link tells me alot about how they think and where they got those ideas. Which, I suspect would answer H’s questions, but she doesn’t like links. I do, so keep ’em comin!

    p.s. I think Dana press (who published McHugh’s work) went out of business and/or has changed their publishing structure.

    p.s.s. sometimes your links get caught up in my spam file. or they await the green light from me. I want them published immediately, but the software works differently =- so that’s why your posts are sometimes delayed in being published. A most annoy part of wordpress.


  5. Oh my, HaifischGeweint. I have a university degree, Bachelors’, in psychology. I have Master’s level education. Does that change anything you think of me and/or my opinions? If so, why? I wish it didn’t, but it seems you need this information. Am I wrong? Will I now be taken more seriously?


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