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Internal Family Systems therapy appears to have many of the hallmarks of repressed memory therapy that ignited the sweeping interest in multiple personality disorder or MPD, in the mid 1980s. The disorder was renamed dissociative identity disorder (DID) after the diagnosis and treatment suffered unprecedented negative press when psychotherapists and mental health facilities were getting sued by severely injured patients and their families. Supporters of DID disagree with me. Professional mental health-care workers claim the name changed to more clearly define the disorder. I don’t buy it, but maybe you do.

Below is a growing list of blogs and websites promoting the practice of Internal Family Systems (IFS). This treatment has patients/clients examine “parts” of their personalities which is what led to the proliferation of multiple personalities in the mid 1980s. Internal Family Systems therapy seems to be repackaged old theories and warrants further examination from all of us.

The deeper I get into researching IFS, sometimes referred to as “parts therapy” the more evidence there is that hypnotic techniques are used in various forms such as guided imagery. The American Psychiatric Association put out warnings decades ago about the use of hypnosis to address alleged repressed memories.

Below is a list of sites linked to parts therapy and Internal Family System – you decide if it is a valid therapeutic intervention for psychiatric distress that will lead to mental health or if it has the potential to put patients in harms way.


United KingdomManchester Hypnotherapy, Training programme: parts therapy

United States, Washington, D.C.:Argosy University

Awaken to the Truth (video)

Forever Families

United Kingdom: Hypnotic Healing


Inner Well

Center for Self Leadership: Internal Family Systems

Mental Health Survival Guide

South Africa, Cape Town: Parts Therapy

Parts Therapy for Inner Conflict Resolution

Sit by Me

Talk about Marriage

The MethoBlog (Methodist religion)

The Pondering Prophet

Hypnosis Training Video

USA: Vermont -Integrative Therapy


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