Readers: What to do if this blog seems to have disappeared

Hello everyone.

Why this blog went black for a few hours.

A year ago, I was maliciously reported to WordPress for copyright infringement by the owner of Ivory Garden Dissociative Identity Disorder, an online survivor’s group. The owner of this group objected to the inclusion of her website address on this blog, although the address is all over the Internet – that’s it! Following a quick investigation, this blog was reinstated.

If there is a need, I will post the complaint. At this juncture, I am not interested in a harangue about the matter.

If this blog goes black again, know that I am busy getting it reinstated. Any future copyright infringement complaints by any and all persons or groups, it will be handled swiftly through any and all legal channels available.

Thank you for reading, posting, and for taking part in conversations and discussions. We talk about difficult topics but I think most who come here enjoy the exchanges we have. I sure do.

Best to each of you. Jeanette

Update & revision: 09-22-14.


  1. 2bewoved

     /  07/19/2012

    I am so sorry that anyone would wright that about anyone, But why repost something from another site that talks to you in such a manner?

    I know that at times a good cuse word can tell the strory better then a long winded response but that was attacking you personally and not the choices that are being made within you.

    we hope that you are not feeding them by reposting such a negative post!


    • This post came to me at another blog of mine. I think it is very important to repost it. I can talk about issues but cannot tell a story as well as others can about their beliefs in their own words. I do not believe in hiding things like this be it about a vile blog post or sexual abuse perpetuated on a child. We cannot let evil have the power to destroy.

      Your comment came as a surprise and I appreciate that you wrote me to express yourself.


  2. I am sorry that you have been hurt by a person within the Theraputic community.
    To me that point alone that no matter who you go to has their own agenda when working with people in need.

    for me it was the oppisite of the spectrim I was hurt by those that did not accept it and surported my abusers.

    so when you say the above it reminds me that in your own way you are justifying the pain that you are causing another.


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