Misdirected War on Drugs: What about psychiatric drugs?


It’s not headline news that Big Pharmaceutical drug manufactures hire brilliant scientists to engineer new bullet drugs to immediately address new psychiatric diagnoses.

Below is an article addressing Big Pharma who manufactures the drugs, and the middle-men/women known as doctors who push the drugs on patients – sometimes receiving monetary kick-backs for doing so.


Fighting the Wrong War on Drugs

By Allen Frances, MD | August 29, 2012

…That other drug war, which we couldn’t possibly lose, is against the excessive use of legal drugs that is promoted by our own pharmaceutical companies. Astounding fact: prescription drugs are now responsible for more accidental overdoses and deaths than street drugs.

Polypharmacy is rampant and uncontrolled with military personnel, the elderly, and children particularly vulnerable to its risks. ..Doctors, drug companies, patients, politicians, and our fragmented health care system are all to blame. … Big Pharma. ..has hijacked the practice of medicine, using its enormous profits to unduly influence physicians, physician groups, academics, consumer advocacy groups, the Internet, the press, and the government.

The result: a ridiculously high proportion of people have come to rely on antidepressants, antipsychotics, antianxiety agents, sleeping pills, and pain meds. Psychiatric meds ..—over $16 billion for antipsychotics; almost $12 billion on antidepressants, and more than $7 billion for ADHD drugs. …The government has unwittingly aided and abetted Pharma. The cash-strapped FDA is beholden to industry for funding.
Dr. Frances offers the following actions we can take:

(1) Sharply restrict drug company marketing and lobbying.

(2) Make the punishments for marketing malfeasance much more of a deterrent to underhanded drug pushing.

(3) Develop a computerized real-time national system to identify and prevent polypharmacy.

4) Closely monitor the prescribing habits of doctors to correct or eject the “Dr. Feelgoods.”

(5) …prevent [medical personnel] from accepting drug company funding….It makes no sense to have the FDA funded by drug companies.


English: Pharmaprix Drugstore in Quebec França...

English: Pharmaprix Drugstore in Quebec Français : Pharmacie Pharmaprix au Québec (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who pays for the high price of Big Pharms run a muck… you got it, patients & their caretakers who are usually family or government programs.

Patients are not to be used as guinea pigs and should not be the source of income for executives at pharmaceutical companies, drug scientists AKA chemical engineers, medical doctors, psychiatrists and others who care for and treat people with mental health care issues.
Time to address the insanity.
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