Satanic Ritual Abuse Calendar of Events for Dissociative Identity Disorder Patients

Spoiler Alert! The information below is ridiculous and has no business in a psychotherapy room where women are allegedly being treated for multiple personalities.

During my treatment to recall childhood sexual abuse that eventually proved to have never happened, I was coerced into believing I was raised in a satanic cult. My former doctor gave me a satanic calendar similar to the one below but it was more detailed and had many more events scheduled throughout the year. This one lists dates of interest by month and day and states the reason for the celebration or “fear” inducing events that are meant to occur.

This is not only questionable information, but a psychiatrist has no business giving this to a vulnerable patient – or any patient for that matter, IMO.

After receiving a satanic calendar, I became more frantic – especially before the dates listed. The document was the doctor’s way of proving that satanic ritual abuse (SRA) is real and that he would protect me from the evil villains – which by the way, never surfaced. Nonetheless, he admitted me to the hospital and kept me sequestered until the holiday passed.

~ From the 1st National Con­fer­ence on Cult & Rit­ual Abuse Boston, MA, June 1991 ~

Date Cel­e­bra­tion Usage Age
Jan 7 St. Winebald Ani­mal or human (dismemberment) 15–33
M if human
Jan 17 *Satanic Revel Oral, anal, vagi­nal activity 7–17 F
Feb 2 *Satanic Revel Oral, anal, vagi­nal activity 7–17 F
Feb 25 St. Walpur­gis Day Com­mu­nion w/animal blood & dismemberment Ani­mal
Mar 1 St. Enoch Drink­ing of blood for strength & bondage to demons Any age
Mar 20 **Feast Day
(Spring Equinox)
Oral, anal, vaginal Any age M or F
April 21–26 Prepa­ra­tion for sacrifice
Apr 26 –May 1 *Grand Cli­max Cor­pus de Baahl Ages 1–25 F
June 1 **Feast Day
(Sum­mer Soltice)
Oral, anal, vaginal Any age M or F
July 1 Demon Rev­els Druids sex­ual asso­ci­a­tion w/demons Any age F
Aug 1 *Satanic Rev­els Oral, anal, vaginal 7–17 F
Sept 7 Mar­riage to Beast Satan Sac­ri­fices, Dismemberment Infant-21 F
Sept 20 Mid­night Host Dis­mem­ber­ment bonds placed Infant-21 F
Sept 22 **Feast Day
(Fall Equinox)
Oral, anal, vaginal Any age, M or F, Ani­mal or Human
Oct 29 –Nov 1 *All Hal­lows Eve
Sex­ual cli­max, asso­ci­a­tion w/demons Any age M or F
Nov 4 Satanic Rev­els Oral, anal, vaginal 7–17 F
Dec 22 **Feast Day
(Win­ter Solstice)
Oral, anal, vaginal Any age, M or F, Ani­mal or Human
Dec 24 Demon Revel High Grand Climax Any age M or F

*Sig­ni­fies most impor­tant hol­i­days
**Sig­ni­fies hol­i­days of lesser sig­nif­i­cance
Rit­u­als may take place the evenings before the hol­i­day
Birth­days cho­sen as date to begin indoc­tri­na­tion into the cult

Open letter to Dr. Phil: “a public mental health menace” (

updated 10-22-14

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  1. Bourbon

     /  11/01/2014

    I find it so sad that by professionals shoving these dates and calendars down our throats they’re making survivors “honour”/remember the dates as much as the abusers did. I wish calendars like this would be buried forever, never to be seen again.

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  2. Sheri J.Storm

     /  10/23/2014

    Putnam, Braun and Ross fueled my psychiatrist’s predisposed hunt for women he imagined to be demonstrating covert signs of incest, satanic ritual abuse and DID. After my exhaustive intake interview, this doctor predetermined I was a victim of repressed abuse atrocities – not from the factual personal history I shared – but from what I didn’t say. From time frames in my young life that I could not recall. As he assisted in securing repressed (false) memories, he skillfully wove my known, true recollections with speculation and bizarre fantasy. The result? A shattered mess, totally dependent upon the expert guidance of my doctor (and subsequent therapists who subscribed to the same treatment beliefs.

    I was from Illinois?! The good doctor explained Illinois was a known HOT BED – a MECCA of multi-generational satanic cults. The clue must not be ignored.

    Under drugs and hypnosis, my doctor took me on guided tours – looking for ceremonial candles – they’re purple, aren’t they Sheri? Recognize those familiar faces tucked within the dark, hooded robes? I want you to have this book – The Courage to Heal. Here’s the workbook. Do you have icky feelings? Listen Sheri. What are the voices inside revealing to you? Honor them – all of them. The wild ones, the littles, the fighters, the hiders, the uglies, the dead ones, the lost ones – come out, come out, wherever you are – Sheri needs you. All of you. Let’s abreact until all sound, smell, audio and video joins with fragmented alters to form complete, succinct recollections via vivid body memories. Your stomach aches? What did the robed one make you eat?

    Sheri, I want you to do daily, automatic, opposite hand journaling. It will help terrified alters to safely introduce themselves. Honoring your inner survival system will help you embrace your DID diagnosis. If you don’t believe, you won’t get better.

    Resistance can manifest dangerous scenarios for yourself and your children. Obviously, you have evil alters sabotaging treatment. You must proceed with great caution. The cult programmed you years ago Sheri. The participating dark alters were taught how to self-destruct via quickest suicide method. Uh oh – a holy holiday is approaching. This willm be dangerous. Self harm programming will be triggered. Have you considered going in-patient prior to and over Easter Sheri? Your family will try to manipulate a holiday visit. Don’t do that – they will undermine our progress in therapy.

    Did you contact your parents in regards to contributing to your overdue invoice for services rendered Sheri?

    ……. The structured agenda that continues to irresponsibly diagnose DID, immerse patients in the therapist’s belief system via multiple modalities of suggestion. Problematic therapies produce mental and emotional dysfunction not existing prior to the damning”cookie cutter” patient protocol. (An online search will reveal several renown “DID Specialists” who blatantly continue utilizing known, troublesome mal-therapies that keep any surviving DID units booked.

    Yes, the “trigger calendar” discussed in this blog is another ridiculous (yet often frightening to RA indoctrinated patients) stage ofprop, used to condition and manipulate patient behavior and to secure dependent submission.


    • Oh my, again you mirror my experiences. My former psychiatrist was at those developmental meetings in Illinois when the ISSTD org was forming.

      The psychiatrist stated during his deposition for the medical malpractice suit I filed against him that he didn’t use suggestion. Ha! These people believe themselves hat’s what makes them dangerous.


      • Sheri J.Storm

         /  10/25/2014

        Jeanette, I’ve had many years to contemplate (ruminate) how and why my therapy went afoul. It’s complicated and quite a challenge to articulate to anyone who wasn’t part of my life. Discussing those years of turmoil, loss and madness isn’t pleasant . Yet open, honest dialogue (such as your blog) is imperative. Mal-therapy induced Iatrogenic DID in me and in you and within countless others throughout the world. The incidence of therapy-induced MPD DID not turn out to be “a passing fad” of bad therapy (as Dr. Paul McHugh surmised in 1990, following an onslaught of patients diagnosed with MPD, who began recalling horrific memories of satanic ritual slayings which included cannibalism.)

        Why the doctors and therapists, both outpatient and inpatient – often in “specialized dissociative disorder units”, continued utilizing unconventional methods to recover “repressed memories” in patients who hadn’t presented any knowledge of abuse to begin with. Among other women receiving “specialized’ treatment , the group grew increasingly weaker, confused, despondent, anxious and grief-stricken. Days – weeks – months passed. GAF scales plummeted. Under ordinary circumstances, those scores indicated changes were warranted. Patient and therapeutic approach re-evaluation. Yet somehow, procedure was ignored.

        How on earth did these health providers – our trusted “champions” who pledged professional and compassionate allegiance to assist in our recovery – convince themselves that the downward spiraling of their patients was justified. They, themselves, successfully excavated (manufactured) another DID diagnosis. An extremely rare diagnosis ? Not in their practice… Not when armed with the knowledge of Putnam, Braun, Greenbaum, Ross or the budding Institute , I’ve had many years to contemplate (ruminate) how and why my therapy went afoul. It’s complicated and quite a challenge to articulate to anyone who wasn’t part of my life. Discussing those years of turmoil, loss and madness isn’t pleasant . Yet open, honest dialogue (such as your blog) is imperative. Mal-therapy induced DID in me, in you, and within countless others throughout the world. The incidence of therapy-induced MPD DID not turn out to be “a passing fad” of bad therapy (as Dr. Paul McHugh surmised in 1990, following an onslaught of patients diagnosed with MPD, who began recalling horrific memories of satanic ritual slayings which included cannibalism.

        Yet somehow, routine procedure (response to long-term falling GAF), is ignored.

        These health providers – our “compassionate champions” pledging professional allegiance to our well being, convinced themselves that the downwardp spiraling of their patients was somehow justified – not the red warning flag, signifying caution.

        After all , these “specialists” themselves, successfully excavated (manufactured) another DID client. What’s that you say? DID is an extremely rare diagnosis? Not in their practice… Not when armed with the knowledge of Putnam, Kluft, Braun, or the budding International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation.

        Yes, I’d say those involved for years have come to believe the outdated, dangerously flawed problematic practices proven highly suggestive.

        I’ve a question for these self-professed DID specialists…
        Why is it that no one has reached out to the documented victims of iatrogenic DID with plethoras of false recovered memories? Why would they not survey or interview these people? How can they state iatrogenic pathology is impossible, without having studied those who developed DID in therapy? Have they unilaterally determined we are malingering, or dark horse abuse perpetrator protectors – intent on spreading misinformation? I cannot fathom why any professional treating DID, who has taken the Hippocratic Oath, has not actively persued studies of documented iatrogenic DIDs. There’s much to be learned in earnest interest of doing no harm.


        • Sheri J.Storm

           /  10/25/2014

          J, please edit my last post to delete repeats. I apologize. The copy/paste threw all my edits in too. Thanks.


        • Hi Sheri, First of all I truly hope you can get on top of the rumination. It’s totally wasted energy.

          This entire debacle of the Psychology Industry does not make sense and never will so people who try to figure it out are running uphill in the sand. It keeps people in the grip of treatment and keeps us from reaching our potential in life. Please, if you do one thing, get the rumination over with. This therapy and all it entails is nothing that can be made sense of. What we can do, IMO, is look at what was going on in the US culturally at the time.

          When people choose to become therapists and then decide to treat people who have trauma and sexual abuse in their history that’s a choice that elevates them socially and professionally. Trauma is difficult to treat because it’s elusive and the fallout (flashbacks) are unpredictable. Who would tell a therapist dedicated to improving the lives of women and children that they are wack-a-doodles?

          What makes these therapists dangerous is that they believe the MPD/DID theories and they believe themselves. OK, add that to the social and professional kudos they receive and many of them see themselves as heroes – as does society.

          I can’t say for sure which wack-a-doodle decided that women need to get worse before getting better. I don’t know that Bass and The Courage to Heal can, or should, get the honor of discovering one of the biggest lumps of crap ever conceived by The Psychology Industry.

          I agree that as the FMS insight grew, ex-patients like us were left behind in the shuffle. Retractors got together at the first FMSF conference and as far as I’m concerned it was a good idea that burst quickly. Most of us were just coming out of controlled physical and emotional prisons and trying to relate to each other was difficult. I remember some retractors wanted a therapist at the meeting. I was totally against it. Others felt safer and taken care of. I wanted them the hell out of the room but was the lone voice on that idea.

          Sheri take your life back. You’ve got me thinking how I got to where I am emotionally and how I intellectually resolved the conflicts and cognitive dissonance (look into this concept it you haven’t already – Carol Tavris). Maybe I was too busy surviving to have much time or energy left to think – then again it was long ago and, believe it or not, my memory of that time has faded a bit; Glad I have my memoir, journals, and hospital notes to refer to.

          Have you read your hospital records? I have pounds of the stuff and it’s interesting to take one day and look at all the notes written by staff. The psychiatrist clearly lied. Over and over he lied and manipulated my emotions and mental deterioration to his advantage trying to create a person he wanted. His perceptions of me did not remotely match reality. Somewhere along the line I realized he is a mad man who will never admit that what he did was below the standard of care. I accepted that he thought he was doing the right thing – this one bothers me because when patients, as you’ve pointed out, deteriorate most intelligent people would stop what they are doing and reassess.

          Some of these therapists are doing well at helping trauma survivors; others jump on the band wagon; others see it as long-term job security; others are simply stupid and void of an original thought.

          The APA stood by and did very little to protect the public.

          So Sheri, let yourself off the hook. Yes the RMT treatment will get to us here and there; I still have PTSD but I accept that it’s just the way it is. I don’t like it, but here I am. I don’t fight it or try to examine it anymore. The wonderful thing I’ve developed is the ability to recognize PTSD symptoms more quickly and dampen the fire it ignites before I’m consumed in it. Likewise for all the other intrusive thoughts. Oh and let us not forget all the physical fallout.

          Thank for Sheri for coming here and chatting with me. Patients are left without many resources for treatment of FMS – again a fact that I cannot change. All we can hope for, IMO, is learning to cope, improving our lives and educating the public so people don’t follow my footsteps into treatment.

          Since I left Philly and treatment, I’ve run into a few wack-a-doodles. But I’ve also found some terrific people to aid me in recovery.

          Best to you always. JB


          • Sheri J.Storm

             /  10/30/2014

            Thanks for your support and encouragement Jeanette. It is highly valued. My occasional need for validation can only be met by those having experienced the trauma of recovered memory therapy and manifestation of iatrogenic DID. PTSD symptoms, trust issues, depression (and zero tolerance for liars) aren’t preferred behaviors – nor are they easy to explain to loved ones who assume the cessation of bad therapy should’ve provided a miracle cure enabling me to return to the life (and personhood) once mine.

            I have managed to rebuild a life. A smaller, somewhat sheltered one. The ruminations I mentioned, do not permeate my days. The release and subsequent media coverage of Byington’s “22 Faces of Jenny Hill”, contains anecdotes (and misguided mental health providers) so strikingly similar to my own,

            The more I read, the angrier I became. This alleged true biography, essentially mimicked the sensationalized recovered memory “fad” (satanic panic propaganda) of the early 1990’s. Despite thoroughly documented case studies and reports of clients who developed DID, recalling false memories of abuse and satanic cult involvement, the problematic therapies and misguided care providers remain in business. Self-published mental health reference books that belong on the bad fiction rack.

            Vulnerable people in need of sound, professional guidance are easy prey to provocative reading and seemly caring support groups. Impetus to ruminate.
            Others needlessly suffering. Contemplating my own “fall”, wondering how best to address those who don’t know what to think. Your forum enables me to contribute. The plethora of solid information shared is a wealth of knowledge previously unavailable.

            I state unequivocally that had your blog been published and accessible back in 1989, I would’ve been equipped to make (informed consent) decisions regarding the care best suited for my needs. I know the proverbial wheel turns painfully slow. Your stable presence here creases that wheel.


          • Sheri J.Storm

             /  10/30/2014

            GREASES that wheel.


          • Heck, Sheri, Had I been plugged in, I’d have not stayed 6 1/2 years!

            I’m glad to know the rumination is not constant. I didn’t experience the anger like you did. I always wondered why. It could be “repressed” oh no! or that I just can’t hate – or waste the energy doing so. I think I’m still brainwashed because I don’t hate the doc. Knowing I’m still brainwashed helps me understand some of my feelings.

            One of my goals is to educate prospective clients of mental-health services. If people enter therapy armed with information, I’m hoping to help them recognize potentially bad treatment by someone with an agenda, even though some professionals will never understand this concept. These are the therapists who have, IMO, the potential to do the most harm as they tear down their patients defenses that begins the decompensation and inability to function. I see it all the time.

            You boost me up, Sheri. I look forward to your comments as they keep me moving. I’m glad that you find my blog useful.

            I admit that Amazon book reviews is a perfect place for me to debate and release some of the thoughts stuck in my head. I’ll wager a bet that if you change your username to something that doesn’t id you might get a lot out of it. I did it and when I go there I can see very clearly how some therapies strip away people’s ability to think rationally.

            Would you like to publish on my blog? Your insight is similar to mine, but you have a different way of speaking. You might be able to reach someone that I can’t.

            Ty a gain for stopping by. You made my day and gave me energy. Peace, J


    • Anonymous

       /  04/27/2015



  3. Iliya

     /  01/25/2013

    i like dis


  4. Sherry

     /  07/07/2012

    I have dissociative identity disorder and feel sad that your doctor led you to believe things that weren’t true. I just ask that you don’t assume that all people with DID had the same experience you went through. I was having memories and flashbacks way before I started therapy and family members have validated my different alters existence from the time I was quite young. I was drug from doctor to doctor growing up by my mother who told them I was not “normal.” I was abused by people who were in a so called satanic cult but I don’t think they were legitimately Satanic church members. I think they were more dabblers than actual cult members. I don’t agree with the satanic calendar. I just wanted you to know my opinion. Thanks.


    • Hi Sherry & thank you for stopping by to share your opinions.

      I do not assume that all people with DID had the same experience that I did. What, specifically, are you referring to?


  5. wonder

     /  04/28/2012

    i think the time for yol to give in to Jesus has Come!!stop running and let him help u!the blood of Jesus



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