Treatment Facility, Castlewood: Harm Continues to Women Patients?

update: 11-17-14. My error, this is about Castlewood, not Mercy Ministries. My apologies and thanks to a reader who brought this to my attention.
update: 11-09-14. A fourth medical malpractice suit has been filed against Castlewood.
Lincoln, California, USA
According to the Lincoln News Messenger, Mercy Ministries, an international nonprofit organization that claims to help “females with life-threatening situations” namely anorexia nervosa a life-threatening eating disorder, has reopened its doors to patients.
Mercy Ministries, formerly of Australia, paid $120,000 for misrepresenting itself to women clients yet was permitted to open facilities in the United States after closing it’s treatment facility in Australia. Currently, it has treatment facilities in Lincoln, California; Monroe, Louisiana; Nashville, Tennessee.; St. Louis, Missouri, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Although some of Mercy Ministries former patients claim the Lord showed them healing, there is a growing number of families telling horror stories of treatment using out-dated and debunked repressed-memory-therapy (RMT) which gained popularity in the 1980s. RMT treatment focuses on remembering alleged childhood sexual abuse that has shown to produce tainted, if not purely made-up, recall fraught with inaccuracies.

Mercy Ministries is repeating a period of psycho-social history and pop psychology in the United States that humiliated the entire profession and left it on its knees. Yet learning from their mistakes did not happen because fathers are once again being accused of sexually abusing their daughters only after their adult-children were influenced at various Mercy Ministries treatment centers to remember. Memories of horrific sexual are meant to heal their serious medical condition.

The Lincoln News Messenger claims that “Someone with an eating disorder might die without the appropriate medical treatment.” Furthermore it’s editor, Carol Feineman, says that while the United States Joint Commission on Health Care Accreditation JCHCA, acknowledges Mercy Ministries, it did not accredit them as a provider of mental health services. The JCHCA oversees hospitals within the United States and it is a serious infraction for Mercy Ministries to operate without their accreditation – not that they are not permitted to do so, but full-disclosure needs to occur with all and any clients that come to them for treatment.

Evidence is growing and indicating that Mercy Ministries may be treating women with debilitating eating disorders without proper authority, supervision, or medical and psychological health-care providers.
A Bible-based counseling and treatment center, Mercy Ministries is permitted under United States, Canadian, New Zealand, and United Kingdom law to open it’s doors to ill women who may or may not know it is not a proper medical facility. Is God’s love and guidance enough to help women overcome anorexia in lieu of medical treatment? Patients deserve and warrant proper nutritional, therapeutic or medical oversight of their medical and psychological conditions. Otherwise, they may just as well go to church and save themselves the money.
What do we does a society concerned with proper mental-health care going to do? How about sending this article to your friends and family? Tweeting, talking, and educating others about how to obtain proper medical care is a good start.
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  1. Christopher

     /  11/10/2014

    It is evident that your inability to harmonize and process your own past experiences is what drives this very bizarre conspiracy theory-driven vendetta against those with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Your personal experience is not a valid foundation on which to launch projections onto the different and individual experiences of others. Perhaps you ought find a more productive pasttime than passing your days seeking to unearth further means of discrediting and undermining a group of people you are openly and admittedly not a part of.

    I will also point out that the vast majority of your “supporters” are emotionally-lax women who openly profess issues with their purportedly dissociative mother; hardly an objective point of reference. Best of luck sorting yourself out.


    • Christopher, I replied to your post, but can’t find it. Instead of rewriting it, I’m going to offer you the opportunity to make a comment on the content of my blog post rather than offering misguided and ridiculous statements about me and those who read my blog.

      I don’t know if you can or will take this challenge, but give it a try. Then you’d likely be listened to rather than be ignored as just another person coming here to show off their ignorance of the subject you comment on.

      Good luck.


    • Sheri J.Storm

       /  11/20/2014

      Jeanette, through dedication and strength, you’ve unearthed legitimate means to discredit DID therapists / mal-therapies. Bravo! Christopher sounds somewhat threatened by your thorough, labor-intensive efforts to educate others from suffering the same therapist-induced atrocities that you, yourself, were subjected to. I sense emotionally lax forces at play…


      • Sherri, it’s difficult to get a good grip on what followers of the MPD/DID movement want because there is no consensus among them. However, I DO know that attacking my credibility is easier and probably more of a fun release for some of them than arguing about facts, patient injury, families torn to shreds, and evidence of misbehavior by some of the most influential mental-health care providers in the MPD/DID movement.

        Supporters of the MPD/DID debacle are free to believe what they want. What people do Not have the right to do is distort information, lie about historical events, and try to keep me from educating the public.


        • Sheri J.Storm

           /  11/23/2014

          Jeanette, when supporters of ANY belief or organization defensively resort to defamatory / inflammatory campaigning, they unwittingly expose their inherent weakness (inability) to legitimately champion their “cause.”

          Professional demeanor enhances your knowledgeable advocacy. I’ve no doubt you continue to make an important difference.


          • Thank you, Sheri. You are instrumental in keeping me moving forward. It’s not often someone comes here with solid arguments worthy of discussing.

            Agreed about defaming others. To me, it’s the last resort when there is nothing else to say which, in my experience here and around the internet is that those in the argument often don’t read the book, article, or research results yet opinions are formed and defended. A rather interesting thing to watch.


  2. Sheri J.Storm

     /  11/09/2014

    How much more toxic can the MPD / DID repressed memory mal-therapy get? Purposeful cross contamination of life’s primary essentials should be criminal.

    The act of eating three basic meals each day, is necessary to sustain life. Imagine the harm done by “specialists” eagerly surmising that your lack of appetite or bulimia nervosa, is indisputable proof of cannibalism during satanic ritual killings?

    Rendering our care and guidance to doctors or therapists – therapy- requires a great deal of trust and commitment. Imagine the dilemma of mandatory compliance by your trusted professional, as your questions or doubts regarding treatment is interpreted as “covert alters within”, hell-bent (literally) on sabotaging any chance of your recovery. Isn’t it fortunate that you have a selfless, committed doctor?

    The act of faith in a “power” greater than ourselves, is often crucial to regulating our personal fears while maintaining hope – it soothes, calms and nurtures our soul. Imagine how utterly impossible believing in salvation, or even in oneself becomes, under the emotional deconstruction that occurs over years of misguded imagery and iatrogenic recovering of false memories.


    • The American Psychiatric, Psychological as the will as the Amer Medical Association are starting to get it. Maybe they finally understand that if they think rationally.they are part and cause of hiding the fact that some practitioners bill falsely to get paid, my personal fav “oops, I’m in trouble of someone figures out what my colleagues are doing. Will I get in trouble too?

      MPD/DID is sliding backwards a little. When The Psychology Industry realize just how culpable they are to their patients.



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