Banned from Psych Forums: Bottom-line, don’t be honest

Just want to put this in print, for future reference, and be done with it.

Many times people have come here & stated that I was kicked off a group site, or that I’ve been banned, etc. This is an effort to discredit me and prove I am disrespectful to others.

It’s worth publishing the truth.

Below is a copy of the notice received from Psych Forums, a series of chat boards for people discussing mental health issues.

Sorry, I don’t know the date.


You have been permanently banned from this board.

Please contact the Board Administrator for more information.

Reason given for ban: Being very disrespectful to people with DID by saying it does not exist

A ban has been issued on your username.*


Bottom line? If you want to participate at PsychForums, don’t be honest.

*Font size by blogger. Boldface, underlines and italics by PsychForums Administrators.
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  1. lukedavidfleming

     /  06/29/2017

    You clearly don’t understand the context of DID if you said anything along the lines of it doesn’t exist.
    Mental health conditions of varying types and degrees are very real things.

    The fact you said it doesn’t exist could have been a major trigger for the person you were replying to or in fact for any readers which are sufferers of DID.

    You may have the freedom of speech and expression, but clearly show no regard or understanding of the condition and the effects your words could or did have on people.


    • Hello luke, I do not support psychiatric diagnoses that have no science behind it. The DID/MPD diagnosed began with no science, rather anecdotes and unreliable therapeutic therapies.


  2. Why bother, Bourbon? Because I know too many people who have died during RMT, MPD treatment. My opinion was not disrespectful. It was an opinion that was censored so people could not get important information they may need or want.

    Fighting a losing battle, perhaps you might follow the title or link to the front page of the NY Times that, in part, featured me. I don’t think that qualifies as a losing battle when the NY Times douses light on the RMT, DID, MPD movement.

    Sybil: A Brilliant Hysteric?


    • M

       /  12/08/2014

      DID/MPD does have a troubling history, especially in the heyday of “Satanic Ritual Abuse”. Many people have gone through terrible therapy where they were made to play the role of an MPD patient, when in actuality, they didn’t have any other personalities. However, DID does exist. It existed before Sybil, and before Eve. It is a rare disorder, but many people do have it. They deserve to be able to talk with others who have it, even if there are some “fakers” in the group.


      • I absolutely agree that people deserve to talk about their multiple personalities. They are free to believe what they want. There is scant evidence that DID or MPD is a true disorder rather than one based on associations of others who have similar beliefs. I also don’t think that people were “made to play the role of an MPD patient,” I don’t know what that means to you. I don’t think most people who believe they have alter personalities are faking. That’s the problem, the disorder is believed and embraced even though it exists mostly by anecdotes, not evidence. And, there is a lot of controversy about DID that does not exist for other mental illnesses.

        Thanks for stopping by.


        • M

           /  12/10/2014

          What I mean by “made to play the role” is that some therapists expect MPD/DID in every patient, and they take every symptom as a sign. Someone who before therapy never showed signs of alters, age regression, or anything of the sort, may start acting as if they have MPD if they believe the therapist. I was already showing DID symptoms before I ever saw a DID therapist, and I’ve still seen a few awful ones. “And did you feel like you weren’t quite yourself???”, leading questions like that. I don’t see where the help is in splitting me further.

          Big Pharma doesn’t fund DID studies because DID isn’t presented as having a biological basis. However, I doubt any quality studies will come forward anytime soon, even if there were funding. DID patients often have co-morbid disorders, substance abuse problems, etc. that can muddle results.

          We don’t have to agree on the existence of DID. I think what we can agree on is that there needs to be evidence-based treatment for people who show these symptoms.


          • DID is totally attached to Big Pharma. They “fund” DID because they are constantly pushing their product on patients. I’d put money on the fact that almost no one being treated for DID is Not on drugs AKA medication.

            As you noted, there are usually dual diagnosis going on. DID can’t be treated, but the symptoms and fall out are managed by cocktails of drugs. Therefore, Big Pharma is at least tinkering with patients who need to use their products.

            I wish all mental health treatment was evidence-based as you do. Until patients and their families demand it, it’s unlikely to happen. The APA seems to have no interest.

            Thanks for your comments. JB


  3. Bourbon

     /  12/06/2014

    I dont think the bottom line is dont be honest. I think its just that if you participate on a board designed to support those with DID and just say it doesnt exist, it is just trouble making and disrespectful. Time and place really is the bottom line. Youre fighting a losing battle trying to get a huge group of people to change their minds about their life because of writings of a random stranger on the internet. Why bother? Surely theres things in your actual life that are more important.


    • Hello Bourbon,

      I am not trying to change opinions. I am offering information.

      Do you also think that YOU must have other things to do with your time when you run a private group for survivors?

      This is what I illuminate: contradictions.

      I may not agree with you, but appreciate you sharing your opinions.



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