Teen Girls Perform Demonic Exorcisms Under the Supervision of Reverend Bob Larson


exorcisms (Photo credit: ahp00k)

The incident reported here occurred in 2012. I offer it as an example of how urban legend, pop psychology, and culture influence public opinion.

This journalism segment (including video clips) by Anderson Cooper regarding teen-girls performing exorcisms is seriously dangerous. Let’s put aside the ridiculousness of the concept that the devil resides inside some people and needs to be cast out – and focus on the results of what these children may unwittingly do – and that is to potentially harm someone desperate to find answers to their problems.

Someone needs to stop these children but who is supposed to do so? Obviously Reverend Bob Larson, who oversees the children won’t be stopping them.


How the Teens Got Involved in Exorcism

Anderson Cooper
Tuesday, February 28, 2012 10:50AM

Brynne and Tess, both 17, and Savannah, 20, all have different stories as to what drew them into performing exorcisms. Brynne is the daughter of Reverend Bob Larson, who helps spiritually guide people, and who has helped train the three girls in the spiritual implications of performing the ritual.

“I had my dad right beside me the whole way,” says Brynne of her first exorcism, which took place in a church in Africa when she was 13. “I’d been around this my whole life, I knew what was going on, and he really walked me through it and helped me with it. …

“Anderson admits that he doubts the validity of exorcisms, and wonders if Reverend Bob Larson and the three teen girls who claim to be exorcists are just making the rounds to publicize themselves for an upcoming reality show and “says that he thinks the girls seem coached and unnatural.”

“People don’t understand that we’re normal girls, and there are so many hours that we have put into this that people have not seen.”

See the full interview on Wednesday, February 29.

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