European Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation: Interview with Andrew Moskowitz

The European Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation, ESSTD,  released a for members only video.

If you are interested in what Andrew Moskowitz writes about so you can guess what he might lecture about, see the references below.

Again, why is the ESSTD withholding information the public may find useful when making decisions about their mental health care?

Lack of transparency breeds suspicion & distrust.

Retrieved 06/22/12.

Interview with Andrew Moskowitz

18 Apr 2012

A new video interview with Andrew Moskowitz is available on the Members only Section where he talks about the differentiation between psychosis and dissociation.


Publications by Andrew Moskowitz:

Psychosis, Trauma and Dissociation: Emerging Perspectives on Severe Psychopathology, 2009


Journal of Trauma, Violence & Abuse, no date or volume available

Dissociation and Violence

A Review of the Literature

  1. Andrew Moskowitz, University of Auckland, New Zealand


Violent acts are sometimes committed by people who do not normally appear violent or aggressive. This simple observation and others have led some to speculate about a relationship between dissociation and violence. However, no systematic review of the literature has so far been published.

To address this gap, studies assessing the prevalence of dissociation among violent individuals, and violence among highly dissociative persons, are reviewed.

Possible links between dissociation and violent behavior are explored. It is concluded that dissociation predicts violence in a wide range of populations and may be crucial to an understanding of violent behavior.

There is a clear need, however, for large scale, well-designed studies using reliable structured instruments in a number of areas reviewed.

Recommendations for clinical applications include the routine screening of offenders for dissociative disorders and adequate consideration of dissociation and dissociative disorders in the development and implementation of violence treatment and prevention programs.

updated 12-26-14.


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  1. avalon111

     /  07/09/2012

    ‘The members of the ISSTD are smart enough to know that the psychotherapy they are selling has no science behind it nor does it have mainstream psychology practitioners behind it. So, what’s left? Money? Prestige? Power? Financial security? You decide.’

    Because its sexy.

    Let’s face it, spend your career counselling divorcees and those trying stop smoking or wanting to kill their boss…or experience the thrill of having a fully-grown woman attend your office, pay you (or have her insurance pay) vast amounts of money so she can speak in a little girl voice of depraved sex acts, for year-upon-year.

    For some it’s a no-brainer – DID wins every time.


    • Oh gosh, Avalon111. You are too much… and, yes, DID is sexy… and quite sick on some occasions. Take my former psychiatrist, he couldn’t get enough details about sexual abuse. In my book, he is a sexual-predator with MD after his name. For non-Americans, MD is Medical Doctor.


    • One day, Said Doctor, told me that his other patients showed him their panties. I knew this to be a fact since those patients told me about the sexual nature of their behavior. I told him not to hold his breath because I would never do it – and I didn’t. That is One suggestion that never came to fruition.

      These therapies are perverse. Most focus on the minutia of sexual abuse – the where, how, what – who cares? Are those details necessary to repeat over and over?



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