This blog does not Support Any Psychotherapist or Group

To my readers: It appears that this blog has been hijacked by people leaving links to websites that I did not publish or support. They are deleted.

This blog was founded to offer information, research, and opinions.

Be advised that this site does not allow hate speech and comments may be redacted or deleted. I don’t like policing comments, but this blog has been used for platforms and agendas of some who cannot entertain social discourse respectfully. Or, they seek free advertising.

Comments, however, are welcome and your participation in conversations are welcome and much appreciated.

Jeanette D. Bartha





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  1. don

     /  09/25/2017

    ‘The Rob Kenward Story: Queensland, falsely accused based on repressed memories’. May I communicate with you regarding this story and your online chat with Narelle. It would mean allot to allow me to chat a call to your office. I have some followup information to that story and you may be interested. Jeanette this matter may not be timely to post this on line here as a blog. From your excellent experience in this field perhaps you will share some insights gained over the years. Your area of research is outstanding so feel I can share regarding this story. Am writing from Qld. Do give some thought to this request.

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