The United States of Tara: A Thanks From the International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation

Dispite hilarious distortions of a serious “mental illness” that is painful for those believed to be suffering from it, the foremost authority for research, study, and dissemination of information – the ISST-D still thanks Steven Speilberg. Speilberg is appreciated for bringing public awareness just after they state that this show is largely a misrepresentation. Richard Kluft, MD a member of the ISST-D is one of the show’s consultants.

Is Richard Kluft displaying a conflict of interest, supporting educational information about MPD/DID, shooting for fame, or doing what he can to collect a hefty paycheck from Speilberg? You decide.


Thank You!

“The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation is grateful to Showtime, Inc., Steven Spielberg, Kate Capshaw, screenwriter Diablo Cody, actress Toni Collette, and the supporting cast and producers of The United States of Tara for their portrayal of the complicated, confusing, and sometimes desperate life lived below the visible surface of an everyday person with dissociative identity disorder. As Richard P. Kluft, M.D. noted in the special educational video produced by Showtime on their website (and available on this website, above), only a small percentage of people with dissociative identity disorder have the classical presentation of obvious switching from one personality state to another. Most people with this disorder go to work, raise families, and struggle to live their lives while healing from the painful emotional wounds of their earlier years. Too often, public discussion of dissociation and dissociative disorders is sensationalized. This is a public Thank You to Showtime, and all involved, for increasing interest about an important psychological disorder. We hope this increased interest results in improved treatments, and better lives for our patients, their families, and our communities!”

“The views of Showtime Inc. and the production team of the United States of Tara, are  their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of ISSTD or its members.  The ISSTD website provides accurate, current scientific information about Dissociative Identity Disorder.”

Retrieved 3/15/11. ISST-D Thanks Steven Speilberg

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  1. L

     /  04/27/2019

    So because you know some people, including yourself apparently, that were harmed by being mislabeled and treated for something you did not have that is supposed to carry the weight of all those who in fact DO have DID. And had it way before ever wandering into some therapist‘s office?

    Seek help for the wrongs that were done to you.


    • L, I was not misdiagnosed or mislabeled. I do not think DID exists and that it is iatrogenic. Therefore, I could not have been misdiagnosed with an illness that is unlikely to exist; and science does not accept the premise.


  2. Therapy Abuse Victim

     /  03/21/2011


    I have always had great respect for Steven Spielberg, but he was TERRIBLY misinformed and misled about “DID.” His research staff obviously FAILED miserably in the responsibility of obtaining accurate information from highly esteemed debunkers of this cult-like group of harming “psychotherapists” and their devotion to this largely iatrogenic and life-destroying “diagnosis.” Just look at who the “expert advisor/consultant” is for this popular show–a TRUE FOLLOWER of the cultish sect of “DID” believers–who has been scientifically challenged on numerous occasions. Spielberg got the WRONG consultant!! Unfortunately, just about anything Spielberg presents is entertaining, even riveting. It would be great if someone would forward him this and similar messages. I don’t believe he possibly can be aware of the influence his popular show has on undereducated viewers, or that he is helping to perpetuate a life-destroying HORROR within “psychotherapy.” I am confidant that if Spielberg witnessed the damage done to victims of “DID therapy” (which he could easily do by becoming better informed), he would no more wish trauma victims to fall into the hands of a “trauma therapist believer in DID” than he would wish for those victims to be sent to secret concentration camps for their lives to be destroyed. Perhaps “TARA” could be followed by an equally engaging Spielberg series, “MAKING STRANGERS IN THE MIRROR,” with professional consultant(s) esteemed for their scientific grounding, critical thinking, scholarly works, and knowledge that “PARTS THERAPY” and “MULTIPLE PERSONALITES” are largely the RESULT of iatrogenic, cult-like BAD THERAPISTS. Then Spielberg can entertain, express his creative and humanitarian spirit, make money, but also WARN the public!!

    A tremendous outcry should be made against ISSTD for the horror of the many lives that organization has been largely responsible for ruining! Truly, ISSTD is influencing its highly devoted, rather secretive and extremely mutually protective followers, who are clearly untrained in scientific methods, critical thinking, the proper use of statistics, or in referral for what should be medical diagnosis to represent themselves as “trauma therapists” while secretly pursuing witch hunts for “parts” of their already traumatized clients! A huge number of current “trauma psychotherapists” following in cult-like fashion the leaders of ISSTD are 2-year-degree SOCIAL WORKERS–who should not be allowed LEGALLY to “diagnose” ANY victim client with ANY diagnosis with harmful medical, societal, social, psychological, and insurance consequences!! How dare these “dissociationists”–clearly opposed by the bulk of scientifically trained psychologists and psychiatrists, as well as by the majority of properly trained and clear-thinking social worker therapists–feel empowered to destroy (insidiously, then more overtly) the lives of so many victims?

    I urge people reading this blog to educate themselves about the many available peer-reviewed articles in highly respected professional journals and books speaking out against this ongoing travesty within psychotherapy, the material provided by such experts as Elizabeth Loftus, Monica Pignotti, Steven Jay Lynn, August Piper, Scott Lilienfeld, etc., and the records of major litigation results against perpetrator “parts therapists.”

    Further, any trauma victim considering “therapy” with a “trauma therapist” should bring an advocate to the first meetings and question a potential therapist VERY carefully. If that therapist indicates he or she believes in “multiple personalities,” that pathological “dissociation” necessarily occurs following trauma, that he or she has ever “diagnosed” and “treated” a client with “DID” (especially if he/she has had more than one such client) or follows a “Family Systems/PARTs” approach, is an active member of ISSTD, I would URGE the potential client to RUN from that “therapist” before further harm can be perpetrated!!! INFORMED CONSENT by the therapist is a LEGAL REQUIREMENT, and includes making clear whether he/she has a “PARTS” orientation in “therapy.” If the potential therapist describes him/herself as “ECLECTIC” in approach to therapy, PLEASE demand a full account of exactly what that person means by using that evasive term!! Keep a record of the explanation and educate yourself, with your advocate, about the exact nature of any “theoretical approaches” utilized by that person in conducting “therapy.” You may find that, instead of healing, you will be drawn into a “therapy” which breaks you, destroys your sense of self and of worth, and betrays the sacred moral authority that you assume psychotherapists understand they have to DO NO HARM.

    Having read such vitally important literature on this topic, it is likely that many people who are interested in “multiple personalities” WILL become clear about the DESTRUCTIVENESS OF ISSTD’s approach to traumatized people and about the absolute HORROR inflicted by misguided, poorly trained “parts therapists” (many with only 2 years of inadequate professional education) who do NOT PROVIDE potential clients (victims) with proper INFORMED CONSENT (which is ILLEGAL) about their commitment to “parts therapy” . These “therapists” (many who are PAYING, DEVOTED members of ISSTD and EMDRIA) should NOT BE ALLOWED to “diagnose” and “treat” “DID” without legally REQUIRED referral of a client victim for a professional evaluation by respected experts in the use of diagnostic techniques. Most, if not all, such experts are well aware of the IATROGENIC, scientifically unfounded basis of nearly all “cases” of “MULTIPLE PERONALITY.”

    What is DESPERATELY needed is a renewed PUBLIC AWARENESS campaign, including the input of victims of these “parts therapists,” the many respected anti-“DID” EXPERTS, attorneys all-to-familiar with the lives destroyed by quasi-medical but ignorant “DID” labeling, and, yes, LEGISLATORS–to FINALLY put an END to ISSTD and the literal resurgence of the HORROR of “multiple personality-pursuing/causing therapists” within psychotherapy. Tragically, many believe the absurdly and despicable rampant search for “multiple personalities” was stopped by the major debunking and litigation regarding “Sybil syndrome,” “multiple personalities,” and “false memory syndrome” in the 1980s and 90s.


    • Dear TAV, Thank you for bringing your passion here. Spielberg hired Kluft as a consultant because Kluft is THE man in the front of the DID campaign. Have you noticed that Tara was not remembering sexual abuse by a family member? He cleverly circumvented that all too common accusation. She was abused at an overnight camp I believe. He did a good job of stearing clear of sexually abused people.

      I think it would be interesting if Spielberg, in part II of Tara, made her aware of the bogus nature of multiple personalities. I wonder what he would or could do with that? I’m not sure it would make an entertaining moment, or maybe it would. Then the anti-psychiatry folks could weigh in and he could do a documentary style report of how the Big Pharma controls what diagnosis and treatment consumer are offered.

      It will take many more people to stand up against the ISSTD and its proponents to make a change particularly since they managed to have it included in the DSM V. Even though it just lists symptoms and assigns a number so therapists can bill for insurance coverage, too many use the fact that DID is included to mean it is “proof” that DID exists. It means nothing of the sort, but they don’t know that.


  3. Barb

     /  03/17/2011

    why do you care since you don’t believe in DID at all?


    • I care because I know 4 people who had this diagnosis and died because if it.
      I care because I nearly died because of this bogus diagnosis.
      I care because I know people serving jail term for events that never happened.
      I care because I know families torn to shreds because their children believe they were abused
      I care because society has a right to know the inside of this “treatment” that regresses patients, and rarely support healthy living.



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