Ticker Tape: Questionable Psychotherapies

This post is devoted to questionable psychotherapeutic practices. The links below are for informational purposes only. I question.

Sexual Assault Awareness.com Andrew Pari, L.C.S.W (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). LCSW is not a medical degree, yet his website identifies him as: “the nation’s leading authority on the neuro-biological arousal mechanism in sexualized violence”. “Authority” is a word usually reserved for well-educated people who often hold a medical degree; or others who conduct rigorous scientific research. Mr. Pari seems to have a masters degree void of a scientific education.




The Satanic Ritual Abuse Nonsense Must Stop

Let’s expose the satanic abuse con artists

by David Aaronovitch

This blog does not Support Any Psychotherapist or Group

To my readers: It appears that this blog has been hijacked by people leaving links to websites that I did not publish or support. They are deleted.

This blog was founded to offer information, research, and opinions.

Be advised that this site does not allow hate speech and comments may be redacted or deleted. I don’t like policing comments, but this blog has been used for platforms and agendas of some who cannot entertain social discourse respectfully. Or, they seek free advertising.

Comments, however, are welcome and your participation in conversations are welcome and much appreciated.

Jeanette D. Bartha





Falsely accused father of sexually abusing his children speaks out in interview

Read the full story and get the details of the absurd accusations of two children likely coached by an adult. This post includes a video of the interview. Excerpts below.


Dad falsely accused of ‘satanic’ abuse speaks of ordeal


Rush Limbaugh calls Sybil & the Diagnosis of Multiple Personality a Hoax Designed by Liberals

Reblogged from Patriot Action Network http://patriotaction.net/profiles/blogs/rush-cybill-multiple-personality-movie-and-medical-disorder-all-a

Just for the record, the name of the movie, book, and protagonist is spelled SYBIL.

Television and radio personality Rush Limbaugh, is infamous for bashing everything not representative of the Republican Party’s point of view in America and a proponent of the Religious Right is wildly & obnoxiously opinionated and paid millions of dollars annually to inflame emotions. Limbaugh often subscribes to hoaxes, conspiracy theories, and other such questionable information that he offers his followers as fact.

Maybe Rush got some of it right this time.

Transcript that likely prompted the blog post by Larry Holland http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2011/10/17/sybil_was_hoax_that_became_accepted_science_sound_familiar


RUSH: Cybill [sic]; Multiple Personality Movie and Medical Disorder – ALL A HOAX!

Rush Limbaugh reported yesterday on his radio show that the movie ‘Cybill’ about multiple personality disorder has been exposed as a hoax!

The New York Post ran a story by a liberal journalist stating that the person Cybill [sic] is an actual person and she stated that the multiple disorder claim was all made up, that she does not have such a disorder and that it basically is a hoax made up between a movie director and psychiatrists.

Rush further explained that shortly after the movie had ran, the medical community made multiple personality disorder a medical condition and since that time (in the late 70’s/early 80’s) there have been over 40,000 people treated for this supposed disorder.

This is not to mention all of the murderers that have been found not guilty of this fake disease and sentenced to short years in a mental institute or the billions spent on needless medication and hospital stays.  Rush went on to ask, “does all of this sound familiar?”

A few liberals get together and make up a hoax and then force it on us so they can gain notoriety and money (global warming hoax)!

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