The Existence of Jeanette Bartha

Thank you for the support. Years have passes and although those in pursuit of psychotherapy are not armed with information if they want it.

Behind the Locked Doors of Inpatient Psychiatry

Jeanette Bartha writes a blog entitled “Multiple Personalities Don’t Exist” ( and she’s having some troubles right now because she is under cyber-attack by some women who have gotten her blog suspended.  Ms Bartha has gotten her blog back up but this is the second time they’ve shut it down, so I’d like to say a couple things.

First, I don’t know a whole lot about so-called “multiple personalities” but what I do know came from three women who were in hospital with me at very different times in my life.  They were all given the diagnosis of multiple personalities.

All their stories started the same way:  they were repeatedly raped as very young children.  At a time when their little psyches were developing and trying to understand the world, they were repeatedly subjected to horrific trauma.  A little kid can’t cope with that.  A girl-child can’t grow up straight…

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Ticker Tape: Questionable Psychotherapies

This post is devoted to questionable psychotherapeutic practices. The links below are for informational purposes only. I question.

Sexual Assault Andrew Pari, L.C.S.W (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). LCSW is not a medical degree, yet his website identifies him as: “the nation’s leading authority on the neuro-biological arousal mechanism in sexualized violence”. “Authority” is a word usually reserved for well-educated people who often hold a medical degree; or others who conduct rigorous scientific research. Mr. Pari seems to have a masters degree void of a scientific education.



The Satanic Ritual Abuse Nonsense Must Stop

Let’s expose the satanic abuse con artists

by David Aaronovitch

This blog does not Support Any Psychotherapist or Group

To my readers: It appears that this blog has been hijacked by people leaving links to websites that I did not publish or support. They are deleted.

This blog was founded to offer information, research, and opinions.

Be advised that this site does not allow hate speech and comments may be redacted or deleted. I don’t like policing comments, but this blog has been used for platforms and agendas of some who cannot entertain social discourse respectfully. Or, they seek free advertising.

Comments, however, are welcome and your participation in conversations are welcome and much appreciated.

Jeanette D. Bartha




Falsely accused father of sexually abusing his children speaks out in interview

Read the full story and get the details of the absurd accusations of two children likely coached by an adult. This post includes a video of the interview. Excerpts below.


Dad falsely accused of ‘satanic’ abuse speaks of ordeal