Falsely accused father of sexually abusing his children speaks out in interview

Read the full story and get the details of the absurd accusations of two children likely coached by an adult. This post includes a video of the interview. Excerpts below.


Dad falsely accused of ‘satanic’ abuse speaks of ordeal


The Power of Suggestion

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The practice of treating multiple personalities is fraught with the power of suggestion prompted from the practitioner to the client. Some suggestions are obvious and overt such as asking: What happened in your bedroom with your father? Others  are subtle, hinting, for example, that a memory lurks about child sexual abuse. At times, “truth serums” are used to unleash memories. Although this practice is not a prevelant as it was in the late 1980s, it is still used.

Suggestion, particularly when coming from a person in the position of power and trust such as a psychotherapist, doctor, clergy, or teacher, is powerful. It can be used as a tool to keep someone under control or to influence their thoughts and/or behavior. During DID therapy, it leads clients to believe they have different entities within them when indeed no such a phenomenon exists.

Included in this category are examples and explanations of the power of suggestion & techniques used.

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