Germany: Wie eine falsche Erinnerung fast eine Familie zerstörte. A wrong memory nearly destroyed a family

This documentary will air on German public television, on WDR, on Thursday October 9. I do not speak German; please excuse my rough translation. I relied on for the English translation.

Abuse That Never was: A wrong memory nearly destroyed a family

Editorship: Britta Windhoff

Autorin: Phillis Fermer

“Wir haben gedacht, die Welt bleibt stehen. Ich habe laut geweint und gerufen: Herr unsere Kinder. Das kann man doch nicht verstehen. Es war doch nie was vorgefallen.“ Die alte Dame sitzt neben ihrem Mann im Wohnzimmer und kann heute – 20 Jahre danach – noch nicht fassen, was damals passierte. Ihr Ehemann kann seit dem Geschehenen kaum noch sprechen. Denn das Unvorstellbare ist passiert: Drei ihrer vier Kinder haben sich von ihnen losgesagt, schlimmer noch, sie haben sie vor Gericht gezerrt. Weil die Kinder meinten, sich an sexuellen Missbrauch zu erinnern. In ihrer Kindheit. Durch den eigenen Vater. Und die Mutter habe zugeschaut.”

Wie funktionieren falsche Erinnerungen?

Professorin Renate Volbert von der Berliner Charite ist Psychologin. Ihr Spezialgebiet sind Erinnerungen. Und sie weiß, dass das Gehirn durchaus in der Lage ist, sich an Dinge zu erinnern, die in Wahrheit nie statt gefunden haben. Wenn bestimmte Vorstellungen und Bilder immer wieder aufgerufen und dann mit eigenen, realen Erinnerungen und Erlebnissen kombiniert werden, kann es irgendwann zu vermeintlichen Erinnerungen kommen, sogenannte Pseudoerinnerungen. Diese Pseudoerinnerungen haben mit tatsächlichem sexuellen Missbrauch nicht das geringste zu tun. Prof. Volberts Aufgabe ist es, Strategien zu entwickeln, das eine vom anderen zu unterscheiden.

Rough English Translation using:

“We thought, the world stop. I cried loud and called: our children. One cannot understand that nevertheless. It nevertheless never happened. The old lady sits beside her man in the living room and can not seize today – 20 years after – yet, which happened at that time.”

“How do wrong memories function? Professor Renate Volbert of the citizens of Berlin Charite is a psychologist. Their special field are memories. And it knows that the brain quite is able, to remember things which never found in truth instead of.”

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  1. Sheri J.Storm

     /  10/17/2014

    The passive / aggressive, often flagrantly abusive demonstrations by Felicity Lee on the Amazon reviews don’t seem to gel with the same woman’s simultaneous, self-agrandizing YouTube promotionals. You know the ones, right? In no uncertain terms, she shares her long list of generous, compassionate virtues with anyone capable of enduring the entire presentation. Does “Patricia Goodwin” dismiss any and all plausibility that readers might eventually compare her discerning doublespeak?

    It is difficult to imagine why she is not being held accountable for her deceptive and / or defamatory online commentary. It is my opinion that given the position she holds within an organization alleging to promote well being and trust, Felicity Lee has a professional and moral obligation to step down. Victims of trauma require and deserve well-grounded, consistent, positive and unbiased support.

    A witness living with Felicity Lee, came forward with allegations that the non-profit was misusing donations. Those allegations require thorough investigation. Ivory Gardens appears to lack the transparency mandated by law. My research cannot confirm this woman’s legal name – the entire entity is not found via GuideStar registry. This, among many other problematic inconsistencies, concerns me. Survivor populations are vulnerable to targeted exploitation. All available checks and balances (documentation) should be performed to ensure legitimacy and safety for all persons affected.


    • Hi Sheri, There are no challenges to your statements from me.

      Here’s the latest from the Ivory Garden Dissociative Identity Disorder website:

      “Thank you, Felicity Lee Owner
      Pat Goodwin President, Ivory Garden

      If you are having difficult accessing the board Contact Staff
      To watch ‘how to’ video tutorials, click the “help” tab on the menu.”

      This person is using two different names, one allegedly a screen name, Felicity Lee, the other allegedly her legal name, “Pat Goodwon”.

      I’ll put it on the line and say that it’s illegal to use 2 names and pass them off as 2 people with 2 different offices held.

      Somehow, he/she gets away with everything he/she does because her members are supportive of anything she does – and most probably don’t even notice.


    • Sheri, I’ve been libeled and slandered in the videos Felicity/Pat/whatever and David Shurter published. I’ve been called a pedophile protector so many times it no longer makes the hair on my neck stand up. Her abuses all over the internet are not those of the loving woman she portrays to survivors and the therapists who treat them.


      • Sheri J.Storm

         /  10/22/2014

        I’ve witnessed Felicity Lee / Pat Goodwin’s online campaigns to slander and malign critics via foul, false accusations. I’ve even been on the receiving end myself. It’s obvious to even the casual observer that you are one of her favorite targets.

        Goodwin (and former sidekick Shurter’s) truly reprehensible efforts to cyber slander you specifically, is no mystery. Jeanette, you stand strong as a highly reputable, intelligent, well-read and resilient advocate. Armed with your own unfortunate, thoroughly-documented personal history of therapy induced DID (and the False memories of endless abuse associated), you are a formidable adversary. Your professional, relentless advocacy against the DID / recovered memory misinformation / maltherapies (which Ivory Gardens actively perpetuates), is reputable, and therefore highly threatening. Membership depends upon compliance and uniformity. The fact that you’ve received such targeted, spiteful attention from Goodwin reflects deep insecurity. There’s inherent weakness in her niche platform. Otherwise, there would be no need for the defensive path of nastiness she has committed to permanent history, online. J

        Public, false accusations of protecting pedophiles is a serious, libelous offense. Felicity Lee, aka Patricia Goodwin freely utilizes (legally actionable) slander to dissuade her organisation’s members from differing information that encourages free thinking… not encouraged in the IG camp, is it? Why is the plethora of references you provide under fire? It gives individuals access to pertinent research and updates. It enables readers to take introspective, personal inventories of their very own. As you and I know from first-hand experience, therapy induced DID is widespread.

        One glimpse of hope for those adversely affected by harmful therapies and the staunch proponents continuing the spread of potentially lethal, outdated and debunked propaganda backing said therapies… is found in meticulously maintained, reputable presence like yours online Jeanette. Knowledge is power. Years of sustainability = remarkable dedication. Of respectability. And the courage to weather textual harassment by others clearly motivated by something other than serving humanity.


        • Thank you for your kindness, Sheri. To keep the love sharing, you are a woman whom I admire. You show up at Amazon, for instance, and bring reality to discussions and I’ve witnessed, and copied, the responses you illicit from Felicity and her minions. It’s interesting to watch them try to cut you to your knees. They simply can’t do it no matter how hard they try.

          I agree that the insecurity of these people are evident otherwise why all the videos full of nonsense and libel.

          If Felicity wants to create and keep her status as a leader of the DID community, she’ll have to remove the videos eventually. She is very talented with computers, too bad she uses them with evil and vicious intent.


  2. Hi Sheri,

    I appreciate the time you took to post. I am able to keep moving forward because people like you come here and have conversations.

    I like some of the words and phrases you use to describe DID therapists. I agree that selling psychotherapy is the correct way to express the business aspect of treatment. Too many people don’t view mental health care providers as selling a service. Just look at what happens to patients who can no longer afford treatment – they are often tossed to the curb to fend for themselves while in a decompensated state and often alone.

    I agree that some psychiatrists have crafted a monetary and celebrity empire through their associations with hospitals, writing of books, etc. While these people have the right to publish their research results and the therapies they make up, they do not have the right to prey upon vulnerable people who are desperate to get well.

    There is no stopping psychiatrists and therapists who believe in multiple personalities, the accuracy of repressed memories, the existence satanic ritual abuse cults roaming the planet, and now we can add child trafficking to the ever growing list of causes they champion. These people believe they are the only ones who understand and treat the DID phenomenon which remains a highly contested diagnosis in the world of psychiatry.

    These charlatans and the wacky treatment they make up is potentially harmful and that fact is demonstrated regularly. Some of these unscientifically sound therapies will continue to break up families and systematically bring patients to their knees instead of healing them so they can return to their lives.


  3. Sheri J. Storm

     /  10/06/2014

    With “prominent” DID / Recovered Memories “experts” (doctors and therapists still utilizing therapies that have been identified as harmful and highly suggestive), globe-trotting their misinformation via conference presentations, the incidence of therapy-induced mental illness and misdiagnosis spreads like cancer.

    A key player known for his involvement (investment) in recognizing and treating MPD/DID, has managed to build a thriving empire of treatment hospitals, publications and world-wide speaking engagements, despite known malpractice claims. (History available via simple online search.) Enter the name, Dr. Colin Ross. If you’ve time, add “tinfoil hat” to your search. If you weren’t already questioning this man’s ideals and professionalism…

    Several years ago, I read Ross was the keynote speaker at a Conference held in Germany. Topic? Identifying dissociation in the very young – for optimal early treatment intervention. Given Ross’s clear conflicts of interest (treatment centers, publications and trauma treatment certifications he actually SELLS), I truly believe all known “specialists” undergo thorough investigation. Could they remotely pass the “do no harm” litmus test?

    What will it take to stop this freight train of misinformation and harmful therapy that is directly responsible for the expansive cultivation of iatrogenic DID?

    Jeanette, continued appreciation for your tireless, selfless advocacy.


    • Sheri, What will it take to stop this freight train? It’s simple. The APA and other governing bodies that oversee mental health care need to get a backbone, stop worrying about money, and make rules that are enforced to keep patient safety the first priority. At the moment, they don’t care.

      Ross has a very comfortable lifestyle built on the backs of suffering people, IMO. In the case of the Internet forum called “Ivory Garden DID” run by a women who uses the names: “felicity” or Pat Goodwin, we are now seeing “survivors” making a living on the backs of other survivors. Is this OK? Why not? What is not OK is the huge amount of misinformation and disinformation that members of Ivory Garden and other survivor forums are fed. An issue I have with the Ivory Garden group in particular is the way they come to Amazon book reviews and leave vial comments (calling me a pedophile for example) and then they return to their membership and totally turn their attitude from hateful to loving. Blows my mind.



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