1904: Multiple Personality & Human Individuality, by Sidis & Goodhart

Multiple Personality:

An Experimental Investigation Into the Nature of Human Individuality

ISBN: 978-1-59147-626-9   Publication Date: 1904
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This book looks at multiple personality through the lens of individuality. Each part deals with a specific aspect of multiple personality: personality, double personality, and finally, consciousness and multiple personality. The work of Parts I and III covers a period of eight years. Out of the material accumulated by Dr. Sidis and his collaborators, some experiments and observations of functional psychopathic cases have been utilized in the last part of this volume. The authors note that the case of double personality described in Part II is of great interest and is specially recommended to the reader’s attention. This case was investigated in the Pathological Institute of the New York State Hospitals.

Here is a link to the table of contents http://www.sidis.net/mpcontents.htm

Boris Sidis

Boris Sidis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Excerpt from wikipedia

Boris Sidis, Ph.D., M.D. October 12, 1867 – October 24, 1923) was a Ukrainian psychologist, physician, psychiatrist, and philosopher of education. Sidis founded the New York State Psychopathic Institute and the Journal of Abnormal Psychology. Boris Sidis eventually opposed mainstream psychology and Sigmund Freud, and thereby died ostracized.

From Google Books:

S. P. GOODHART, PH.B., M.D. Assistant Professor of Neurology, Columbia University Neurologist to the Montefiore Hospital NEW YORK CITY, USA


I am finding old, old articles that refer to multiple personalities as “functional psychosis”. Unfortunately, this book is out of print and no longer a print-on-demand. Maybe one of you will get lucky and find it. JB

Updated: 09-15-14.

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  1. Jessica

     /  05/25/2012

    we’re actually lucky in the us when iw as at the convention i met a woman from england, there they have a mental health act that lets them sanction people who are mentally ill indefinitely no questions asked, no care if danger to others or self, just your mentally ill bye bye to you. Its sad with how insane our mental health system is that there is one even worse.


    • that is awful. My psychiatrist court committed me without me saying a word about it. He would collect his evidence, go before a judge and the judge made a determination without me even being present! So when people want to know why I didn’t just leave? Duh. Try it being locked in. Even when I managed to escape I returned quickly knowing an all point bulletin APB would be released to the police and they would pick me up and return me to the hospital anyway. I couldn’t get out and I couldn’t win. At least not until I figured out how the system worked and that MPD doesn’t exist. Once that happened, I had a lot of support from hospital staff. But I had to come to the realization on my own – which is a travesty in itself.


  2. Altus

     /  05/25/2012


    Great summary. It seems like the history of this diagnosis is an evolution of theories on women who manifest stress and most of the beliefs are totally concocted by men.

    So the belief runs the gamut:

    -The behavior is demonic (still embraced by Christian therapists in 2012 but of course Satan does not enter your body directly these days, it’s done by way of mythical cults which all over the USA who still sacrifice and bury people by the busload but not a fingernail of these victims can be found???)

    -Done by spirits. A LOT of the doctors and psychologists at the turn of the century were spiritualists. They believed in poltergeists which are not Satan but the spirits of the dead who visited through prepubescent girls. THINK, THINK, THINK people! How did new age “past life regression therapy” which became such a hit take root?

    -The idea of ghosts then morphed into the “subconscious” that could be accessed by dreams and hypnosis—welcome to the repressed memory nightmare.

    Why do so many modern therapists hold onto these whacky old notions of women? Neuroscience shows that memory is not easily to be accessed through any of the means these therapies promote yet the myth continues that if I sit and speak about life at five somehow I am accessing the my videotapes from that era. Guess what….when you recollect you actually construct a memory—it’s just how the brain works. It’s called “reconsolidation.”

    Stress is real and can result in extreme physical symptoms including seizures. Violence and abuse of children is real but the notion that you can “heal” the past by role playing with alters talking about a forgotten trauma for years, sometimes decades, at a time is highly questionable and can result in suicide attempts. Science and medicine shows the more you can get a person to leave the pains of the past, real or imagined in the past and deal with growth and goals in the here and now, the healthier people are. This should be the focus of therapy—health not hell. (Let Satan and Freud play their games there—there are so many healthy ways of addressing trauma that it boggles my mind people think these questionable therapies should survive.)



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