The Same Old Elephant Richard Kluft, MD,PhD

Available online: 24 Jan 2012

Journal of Trauma & Dissociation


We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will

be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

T. S. Eliot (Little Gidding, 1971)


Sorry folks, this is all the abstract states on the Journal of Trauma & Dissociation web page. This article is by Richard Kluft, MD who is a prolific writer & researcher about multiple personalities and dissociative identity disorder and is a major player in the movement.

This scant abstract tells the public nothing. Article for purchase $36 US dollars. How’s that for easy access to information?

Got money?

updated 9-15-14.

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  1. ThanksDr.K-BK

     /  05/14/2012

    One more thought. I purposely did not use much DID lingo, for obvious reasons. I attempted to give you examples of what happens in my case. I may have been lacking in enough detail to have you recognize the different personalities. They are there and if you would like I would be willing to elaborate, however only if you have a real interest and are not looking to discredit what to me is all too real. Again, I want to stress that I would love not to have DID or DDNOS, however, there does not seem to be another explanation for what I experience. I know what most of my trauma issues are, that is no secret, however there remains a missing piece of the puzzle. I just want to find a way to think with one mind, if you will. A way to integrate all the parts back into one.


  2. ThanksDr.K-BK

     /  05/14/2012

    Thanks Doug for your response.  I am in my classroom desperately trying to complete some paperwork for a meeting I have scheduled for this morning, so I have but a moment to write this post.  I just wanted to clarify a couple of things before you respond again as you indicated you would.  First of all, I personally have not been involved in discussion with any of my treatment team as to the debate over whether or not DID exists.  Therefore the word “agenda” has never come up.  If that is a word being hurled at you over and over again, maybe you should give it some merit.  You yourself admit you speak with contempt for Dr. Kluft and that is projected in your message.  Unfortunately, in my perception, that results in a discoloring of your words and disguises the message.  When I read your posts, all I perceived was your disdain for Dr. Kluft and not much more.  It said to me that your intent was to harm him, not inform the people as to the validity of the article.  That is what I was referring to as an “agenda”.  The use of the word in reference to Jeanette or yourself may have nothing to do with a “DID mindset”, but more with your presentation of information.  Just a thought.  Also, the only time references have been made to the word “triggered or triggering” has been in relation to my eating disorder.  Personally, I feel it is an overused term and one used to avoid taking responsibility for negative behaviors.  I, personally, do not play into that.  I do have to admit, however, that although the word has not been used with me in reference to my DID, there are areas of discussion and/or situations that will throw me into a different mindset and I will respond with distinct behaviors not typical of my usual behavior. 
         The second point I would like to make is that in my post I attempted to give examples of my “differences” in personality.  I am not, as most people aren’t, as defined as Tara is portrayed in the show.  I do not have personalities that are over the top and as distinct as Alice, Buck, or T.  My differences are subtle.  I have not experienced loss of huge amounts of time, just small bits that are unaccounted for.  I do not have an exorbitant number of alters.  What I have experienced in my life was well defined long before a diagnosis was given and has not been influenced by it.  
         These are just a few thoughts that may help you better understand my situation.  I will elaborate further, when I have time, if necessary or in response to questions you may have.



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